shocked curly girl

As a curly, when you are trying out a new stylist, you may feel the need to keep your fingers crossed hoping and wishing that you've found a stylist who "gets" you. How can you know if she's that stylist? She should let you know that she loves all hair textures and can offer you many styling options. She should stay positive! She can guess that you have already heard all of the negative comments and won't repeat them:

1. "It's so curly! Can I fix it for you?"

2. "I bet you wish you had straight hair."

3. "This is going to take forever ."

4. "Your hair must be a nightmare for you to deal with on a daily basis."

5. "Do you want me to use the thinning shears or the razor?"

6. "What race are you?"

7. "I had no idea your hair would shrink like that!"

8. "This is the only hair cut you can wear, because your hair is curly."

9. "We don't do ethnic hair."

10. "Uh-oh!"

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