These apps will eliminate all the hard work for a busy stylist, keeping them organized and on top of their game.


From scheduling appointments and keeping contacts of clients, the life of a hairstylist is not easy. Especially without a receptionist's help.

But with the help of smartphone apps, it has become easier for stylists to organize, book more appointments, and store other important info from past consultations. Here are the 3 apps every stylist should have on their phone.


Available through the app store for iPhone and iPad, MyChairApp stores hundreds of clients' contact info, including phone number and email addresses. This is a must for busy stylists staying on top of messaging their potential clients for openings as well as sending automatic reminders to existing clients who are due for a trim or color touch-up. It is perfect for a stylist with a large clientele and organizational problems.


StyleSeat is a stylist's destination to search thousands of professionals and clients to help build their business. This app is excellent for both mainstream and independent stylists to get their name out there, giving them the opportunity to connect with other style experts and professionals including makeup artists and estheticians. With this app, a stylist has their portfolio at their fingertips, as they can upload their portfolio and show off some of their best work. 


Certified stylists specializing in cutting, styling, and/or coloring will find Colorista helpful. This app acts as a personal receptionist, jotting down appointment schedules, openings, and client notes to help a stylist work more effectively. Colorista features a section known as client cards that stores each person's information from their last appointment, a complete history of their last visit, and even their photos. This app also includes a selection titled formulas, which allows a style to keep an archive of their favorite styles and treatments to show off during consultations with new clients.

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