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Finding the right fit for you and your curls does not have to be a never-ending battle. It requires a few steps from you to ensure you have the right fit, and believe me it is worth it. First off, do not assume just because a stylist shares your hair texture, skin color, or ethnicity will make them aware on how to care for your hair. Unfortunately, most hair stylists are taught how to care for chemically treated or relaxed hair and have little knowledge on natural hair. 

How do you find the right stylist? Do your research. Many of us have already been through or know someone else who has had a horrible haircut from a stylist not trained in styling curly hair. In order to avoid similar experiences, do a little digging to find that right person so you and your stylist are on the same page and trust one another.  Watch for these six signs that will let you know you are definitely with the right person.

They insist on a consultation

We all have different coils, curls, and waves and a consultation is a must to ensure they see your hair texture and density and discuss expectations. A consultation allows the two of you to meet so you can tell them what you want and for you to see if they are the right fit for you and your hair. It allows you to see their shop, the products they use, and get to know them before services are rendered. Communication is important for a pleasant experience so do not opt out of a consultation.

They know your language

Believe me, if they do not know how to care for textured hair, you will find out as soon as you ask the first question. They should be well-trained and experienced in textured hair and what it needs, ask the right questions, and discuss the products that will be used on your hair. With the rise in textured hair, many stylists may feel the urgency to work on textured-haired clients, but if they are not trained in textured hair then you do not want to be their curly girl guinea pig. Find an experienced stylist you can trust, and one way to build that trust is to speak to them and see if they know the terms, ingredients and common concerns of curly girls.

They have been curly trained

Many stylists are being extensively trained in all forms of textured hair from waves to coils like at the Deva Inspired Salons or Ouidad Certified Salon just to name a couple. These curly trained stylists are taught how to care for hair types from Type 2 to Type 4 and every coil in-between for styles, cuts, coloring, and more. They are not the only professionals that are experts on textured hair but they have gone through rigorous training to learn how curly hair grows, hangs, and thrives. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have received professional training with caring for textured hair.

They have a solid reputation as a natural or textured hair stylist

Recommendations are a great way to determine if your chosen stylist is worth his or her salt. Word of mouth is golden as well as reviews and sites that share a list of qualified stylists for curly hair at Curl Salons. Peruse them prior to selecting a stylist to see if you like their services. More salons are appointment only, especially for textured hair, so try to gather as much information as possible before your consultation. Check to see if they have a social media presence and look at reviews online.

If they charge the same for curly or textured hair as straight hair

If a stylist chooses to charge more for textured hair, then there is a good chance she does not work on it often. It may take her longer or it may seem like a burden, so do not patron someone who sees your texture as a burden.

Now, no one says you have to solely go to a stylist who works only on natural or textured hair, do your research on them to see just how many textured hair clients they have and how often they work on textured hair. You want someone who embraces your hair and does not see it as a challenge or charge you more.

Our hair is not a challenge but a delight and you want the stylist you pick to feel the same way. Do a little research and consult with them to determine if the fit is right. The tips above will not steer you wrong and may just find you the perfect person for all your curly hair needs.

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