I have a new series on my channel called The Salon Experience. Although I'm natural hair vlogger who's known to whip up a bomb hairstyle that you can do at home, I'm a huge advocate for going to a salon to get a haircut, color or anytime you want to be pampered and have someone else do your hair for a change. Since it's somewhat of a challenge to find a good stylist who can work with natural hair properly, I figured I'd showcase salons that I've tried and trusted with my own kinky tresses and delivered awesome results.

On the first episode I headed out to mid-town Detroit where a stylist Markquisha St. Clair blew my mind! She gave me an amazing wash and go that I never thought was possible for my kinky texture. I've tried this style time and time again on my YouTube channel and vowed to never try it again since I thought my hair was too kinky to deliver favorable results, but when she did this style on my hair, It did what I thought was not attainable.

I'd love to feature St. Clair's technique with your readers who may also believe they cannot attain the wash and go look. Watching this video may change their minds!

Watch the Video

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