Are you in the process of researching a curly hair specialist or salon in your area? That’s what our Salon Finder section is for! Every day we receive dozens of reviews for curly hair specialists all over the world. Here’s a recent review for Cindy Stevenson at Hairmonious in West Hollywood:

Thank you hair gods for finally bringing a curly hair specialist to the Hollywood area!

First off Cindy is sweet, down to earth and very knowledgeable when it comes to curly hair. She is Devachan certified and also worked at the Devachan salon in Santa Monica before opening her own salon.The salon is located inside one of those shared salon suites type of buildings that just opened up on the corner of Fountain and La Brea. It’s a small but clean and trendy space.

I don’t drive and before now I had to travel up to North Hollywood to find a Devachan trained stylist but not anymore! Now I have my own curly hair guru no more than a 5 minute bus ride away.


Okay, now onto the cut.

I talked to her about my current style and what I liked and what I didn’t like and basically what I wanted. We chatted for a bit and she made some suggestions and away she went..snipping each curl to perfection.

Next we headed to the bowl to get my hair poo’d and styled. Now..I love DevaCurl products but they don’t necessarily love me. Unfortunately the scent of the products give me full on migraines.

Usually I allow stylists to use whatever Deva products they want on me and I’ll just go home and rinse it out. But Cindy was like, “Nope, no one is going home with a migraine on my watch,” and used a few products that were less scented including a new Coconut Curl Cream that Deva just put out.

I’ve been getting Deva Cuts since 2007 and I told her this. She still talked through exactly what she was doing with the products which I actually really appreciated because she taught me something new.


Usually I put a curl cream all through my hair and then rake in gel and scrunch. She actually did this in sections to allow for better control of each curl while producing less frizz. Huh? Learned something new! What I also loved is that she realized that my hair repels moisture so she factored this in when applying the products.

Once done at the bowl, I sat under a Deva hair dryer for awhile and then she diffused my hair the rest of the way. Time for a few more snips here and there and…voila…a perfect cut that I am super happy about. My hair has shape ad my curls are defined and bouncy. 

Curly girls if you live in the area–run don’t walk to get your hair pampered by Cindy. She is reasonably priced, especially for the area! Cindy, I’ll see you again in about 6 weeks! Thank you!”

 Review written by Raquel.Barra


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