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Texture on the Runway, powered by Sally Beauty and presented by Naturallycurly, kicked off NYFW showcasing the beauty of natural hair, which isn’t usually represented in the fashion industry. TOTR is an opportunity for textured hair to have the spotlight and reminded us that texture can be the perfect complement for any fashion. This year, 6 brands each created a unique experience for attendees to be inspired and empowered by their natural hair in all of its forms. I had the pleasure of working with Curlformers, a heatless curling tool that creates a variety of curls, from ringlet spirals to loose-barrel waves.

Alexandra Efstratiou, Curlformers lead hairstylist, sat down with me and shared her inspiration behind the TOTR runway hairstyles and the variety of ways she used Curlformers to create beautiful curls that we dream of.Curlformers Hairstylist

What inspired your theme for this year’s TOTR?

Bohemian Chic, Flower Power is the theme I created as I styled this event. I took the idea of a flower and its power to expand as it’s formed. Just like a flower a small plant or seed can grow into something miraculous and beautiful. We wanted to show the different types of looks you can create with Curlformers on different textures while showcasing the natural bohemian feel which mirrors Curlformers.

curlformers twins

What products were used to create these looks?

We used a mixture of curler widths and lengths will be used from Corkscrew Curlformers to create a powerful, rocker boho chic afro to Spiral and Barrel Curlformers to bring to life the whimsical look-and-feel inherent of a beautiful, traditional, care-free and high-spirited bohemian woman. For the first time in the US and for any runway show, we used our new range of wet styling products – Styleformers due to launch soon which features a range of products including a curling cream and serum, perfect for using alone or together as part of a fun, cocktail hair mix.

curlformers brittney

What do you want people to experience when they see these hairstyles on the runway?

We wanted to show that you can have a professional look and still have natural texture. We’d like to introduce that it’s not only straight hair that can be born in a business office.

What current hair trend do you love and how did you incorporate that into the show?

One trend I love, and part of why I am so excited to do the Curlformers texture on the runway show, is natural texture. I enjoy an unrepressed approach to beauty. Trying to make every style straight and shiny is just a bit boring, and it does not reflect what we are seeing on the streets of NYC, where sporty, urban, nonchalant, laid-back styles are de rigueur. As such, the basis of our idea for the show is to show off chic bohemian styles that celebrate wave and curl, texture and movement in the hair.

curlformers model 1

What are some tips to create a variety of looks when using Curlformers?

You think of the product, Curlformers, you think everyone will have these tight spiral curls, but we also wanted to show the variety of styles Curlformers offers to amp up the volume or tone it down with a loose wave. To make a looser curl you definitely want to increase the size of Curlformers and drag the roots down so that the curl isn’t coming directly off the scalp, but flattens it out a little bit and starts closer to the temple.

curlformers model 2

Why do you feel it’s important to have texture represented on the runway?

Hair should make you look and feel young and carefree, sexy and fun and fabulous. By celebrating texture on the runway, we can continue to spread this message and encourage more people to wear their hair naturally.

Thank you for sharing your insight and inspiration, Alexandra Efstratiou. You can find the Curlformers used for all of these styles at Sally Beauty

This post is sponsored by Curlformers.

Photography by Corey Reese Photography

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