DyeVerCity Is Her Middle Name: Stylist Spotlight

2011-03-11 13:42:25

DyeVerCity Is Her Middle Name: Stylist Spotlight

Stacy Hill shares with us her feelings on why natural is better!

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Stacy Hill of DyeVerCity is becoming the go to stylist for curly hair.

When we heard of a new salon, DyeVerCity, opening in Augusta, GA, last year, we knew we would like what was going on. Since the opening of her first salon just a few short months ago, Stacy Hill is fast becoming the salon to go to for naturally curly hair. We sat down with Stacy to find out a little bit more about our favorite subject: curls.

NaturallyCurly: You have a huge curly following, and many stylists don't work with curly or textured hair. How did you decide to become an expert with curly hair?

Stacy Hill: I am borderline obsessed with hair. In 2005, when I decided to follow my passion, I prayed, and in answer to my prayers, God led me to curly hair. For me it was “natural”—I am naturally curly. I had to deal with the frizz and frustration in the '80s when there was only mousse and alcohol-filled gel, and oh yeah—my favorite—Vaseline and water. We were so desperate and in the dark during that time. Now, there are so many great products, I just want to help give everyone options.

NC: What are the biggest mistakes you see with women and their curly hair?

SH: Shampooing daily is a big NO NO NO—I can’t say "no" enough. Curly hair by nature is drier hair. When the hair is in its natural curl pattern, it takes the natural oils (sebum) longer to travel down the surface of a circle, coil, wave or z. If you notice whenever you straighten your hair, in about 2-3 days it lacks movement and bounce. But this isn't the case with curly hair. I recommend my clients to start off co-washing or use a sulfate-free shampoo once every 4 days—unless you are sweating profusely or swimming. You want to remove the sodium chloride from your daily routine of shampooing because it is stripping your hair of its natural beauty. If you know you will be swimming, put a slightly heavier conditioner in the hair—it will help tremendously.

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Stacy is truly Heaven sent! If you're in the Augusta area and your curls need nurturing you MUST give her try. Each client is different and each curl is different--Stacy knows this and does not have an ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL regimen. She and her team cater to you and yours. I travel 180+ miles with no hesitation so that she can share her blessings with me and my "extremely thick"(her words not mine)curls!