Like many curly girls, I developed an anxiety for hairdresser visits after having a bad experience at a hairdresser.

During that visit, the hairdresser thinned my hair out and I lost my gorgeous, natural hair volume.

I am blessed with thick hair and tiny curls. However, wash days are sometimes hell for me, because of the difficult detangling process which sometimes takes more than an hour. Consequently, I was postponing wash days and I was not detangling my hair as often as I was supposed to. Besides, if I would spend a lot of time in the shower I would give up on the detangling process. I also started wearing my hair down less often.

Photo Courtesy of @whitneyfromtheblog

During this time, I started considering going to the hairdresser in order for my hair to become strong again. After researching Morango Curls on the Internet, I called them to book an appointment. The owner of the hair salon is the only hairdresser who has a DevaCut certificate in the Netherlands. 

After waiting for two months, I finally went to visit Morango Curls. I was very nervous because I was afraid that she might thin my hair out. As soon as I sat down on the chair she indicated that my hair was damaged and matted. Her employee washed my hair with love and care. After a deep-conditioning treatment, two employees started detangling my hair and I received some great curly hair care tips.

The longer I was sitting in the chair the more I regretted not going to the hairdresser earlier. If I had gone earlier, I would have realized sooner that my hair needed much more time and effort. Even though I thought I was taking great care of my curls, I was definitely unconsciously neglecting them. I thought my hair care products were great because I had seen the results I wanted to “see,” but if I would have visited an experienced hairdresser earlier she would have informed me that the products I loved so much were causing a lot of build-up, and due to the build-up, I was having horrible knots in my hair which made the detangling process even more difficult. After visiting the hairdresser my hair became much more manageable.

Photo Courtesy of @whitneyfromtheblog

So how can you find an experienced hairdresser?

1. Use the NaturallyCurly Salon Finder, join Facebook groups, or look up hair blogs for women who have naturally curly hair. The members of these groups often share curly hair tips or great hairdressers. You can also ask the members if they know great hairdressers within your area.

2. Research the hairdresser online and go through their social media. Often they share before and afters of their customers. Some also tag their customers on the pictures and you can see how the customer's cut looks a few weeks after the visit.

3. Do you like what you see? Call the hairdresser in order to make an appointment.

How do you feel about hairdressers now in your curl journey?

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