Here are a few tips to help you find the right barber for you.

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The relationship between a woman and her stylist or barber is an important one.

She is entrusting a major part of her physical appearance to this individual which, of course, is a lot of responsibility. When I had relaxed hair, I used the same stylist from my mid teen years until my late twenties. I had confidence in her, knowing I would not have to worry about how everything was going to turn out. Getting your hair done should never be an anxiety-inducing event. It should be just like a spa day, leaving you feeling refreshed and brand new. Here are a few tips to help you find the right barber for you.

1. Ask a stranger for advice.

If you see someone with a cut you like, then make sure to ask where they got it. It’s like asking for directions, its better to ask than end up getting lost, wandering around for hours and wasting precious time.

2. Search Google & Instagram.

Being good with Google is an important 21st century skill. Conduct searches to see what people are saying about barbers, barbershops and/or salons in your area.

Instagram searches will provide you with both pictorial and written reviews. #Dopestcutever. Direct message users questions about their cuts and maintenance–it would be a lot less creepy than some of the things people send in direct messages.

3. Know exactly what you want.

Can’t describe to the barber exactly what you want? You are increasing your chances of being disappointed by the end result. Never expect people to read your mind. Know what you want and bring your own pic references or look through their catalogue but never wing it. Have a clear vision and communicate that vision clearly. 

4. Visit the shop and observe before making an appointment.

Look for licenses on the wall, check out the cleanliness of the shop including the restrooms. Observe your potential barber at work. Look for clues as to his skill level and professionalism. Ask yourself:

  • Does the barber clean his hands and tools between clients?
  • Is he focused on the job at hand or does he take frequent breaks and multiple phone calls?

While it is expected that interruptions occur, it is important that your barber maintains focus and provides clients with a good customer experience. Taking multiple phone calls or cigarette breaks do not go hand in hand with good customer service. Spend some time browsing any catalogs that might be present or have a look at the photos of clients on display, if there are any. Consider this entire exercise to be an interview for employment.

5. Schedule a consultation

Barbering is an art and skill. It’s a creative process. Have a consultation with a barber before actually diving in for a cut to see if you feel comfortable and confident in your barber’s skills and vision for your cut. If your prospective barber is comfortable and relaxed with you, you are likely to get a much better result. 

What are your tips for choosing the right barber?

Please share your experiences below in the comment section.

Vanessa Osbourne

A type 4 naturalista born and raised in Jamaica who is currently adjusting to keeping her natural hair healthy in the cold and beautiful city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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