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Hello, my name is Fulvio Tirrico and I have been in the curly hair industry for 20 years.

I live and work in Milan, Italy and am the trademark holder for I Love Riccio (which means “curly hair” in Italian”>. I continue to grow in my expertise each year by attending courses and working abroad. I also participate in Italian fashion shows and photoshoots, which have also helped me grow a lot. The approach and construction of form and volume is very different from the classic work in a salon.

fulvio tirrico italian curls

My passion for curly hair was born during my first trip to the United States where I discovered a new world. The vast experience of Devachan impressed me–I felt like a kid at Disney World! Finally, I was with people who spoke my true language–the language of curly hair. 

I learned new coloring techniques and I have perfected the technical language in Italy.

When I say that I work with curly hair only, my colleagues ask me, why? My answer: I love this hair, I like to model curls by hand without the use of brushes or combs. I feel like a sculptor in front of a rough piece of marble. 

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What sets me apart from other Italian stylists

In Italy I was (and still am”> the first and only stylist dealing with a specific method for curly hair maintenance. I patented the cutting method called X-Curl. I also work with Hairmed, and Italian hair product company.

In recent months, we have been working on a specific line of products for curly hair under my advice. For my clients, I use non-aggressive products. My first rule is talk, talk, TALK with your client to understand what he or she wants first, then cut or color accordingly.

italian stylist fulvio

Every curly man or woman should know that they can rely on a professional who specializes in curly hair. Our job is to inform, explain what you can do for your best hair!

There are not many hair trends that I am seeing in Italy, as the economic times we currently live in leads to simplicity in clothing, style, and hair. Not too flashy. Our biggest trend? Do it yourself– customize! And we [stylists] are here to help you!

Watch me in action!

And find me online here:

Website: www.ilovericcio.it Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ILoveRiccio?ref=hl Instagram: @TirricoFulvio

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