Hair, like more conventional materials, can be considered an artistic medium that professional hairstylists mold and shape into an ideal form-- and if there’s anything that textured hair does exceptionally well, it would be its’ gravity-defying shapes. Some of these styles really push the envelope by experimenting with the true versatility of curly, coily, and wavy hair. With so many textures and curl patterns, the possibility for originality is boundless. Curls in any form are beautiful, but there’s nothing like curls with an amazing shape! Here are 10 haircuts with brilliant shapes and angles for all of the creative curlies and naturals.

1.) Long Curly Layers


Image Source: @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

This cut is simply gorgeous! Styled by Master stylist, Atoya Bass, shared how she focused on a keeping the length and simply cutting off cleaning up the ends, what a beauty.

2.) Edgy short pixie cut

Image Source: @evanjosephcurls

Spring calls for a new do! Those of you on the fence about going short, now is the time to go all in. This short cut by curl stylist, Evan Joseph, is so chic and unique.

3. A short triangular-shaped cut

Image Source: @iamzoefoster

Zoe is serving looks and beautiful short curls. The bluntness of the weightline at the bottom adds a little bit of edginess to the cut.

4.) Wavy Bob

Image Source: @cristinacleveland

This kind of cut looks amazing on 2c waves. The added bangs and way the curls seem to come towards the face makes for a very distinct look. This is also a Mona Baltazar creation.

5.) Fluffy ‘fro with a deep side part

Image Source: @_thehalfrican

Isabelle is embracing frizz and angles with this curly cut. The side part in this style really helps to create a fabulous, dramatically slanted shape done by curly hair stylist April Kayganich.

6.) Lovely heart-shaped cut

Image Source: @thegermaniamartinez

Germania’s rounded cut seems to frame her face perfectly! Angular cuts are very fashion-forward, but rounded curly cuts will always be a classic.

7.) Strawberry Blonde Round Cut

Image Source: @aixajahara

Also reminiscent of a heart shape, this cut focuses most of its weight on the crown of the head, creating a soft and round shape. The highlights of color are eye-catching, as well.

8.) Rezocut

Image Source: @nubiarezo

One of our favorite curly hair experts, Nubia Suarez, created the Rezocut to give curly hair body, balance and shape and this cut is a testament to her amazing cutting technique that is taking the curly world by storm.

9.) Long Curly Angular Side Part

Image Source: @themonacut

Who says you can’t have length and a defined angular cut? This stunning haircut by Mona is beautiful and layered to perfection.

10.) Curly Pixie Cut

Image Source: @thecutlife

One of the biggest trends of 2019 is short and bold cuts. We’re in love with this pixie cut by Coco Elaine.

Ready to get experimental with your curls? Are you using any of these as a reference? Tell us about your own creative curly haircut experience in the comment section. In the meantime, here are some things to consider before your next cut.