You can’t deny it; hair is personal and precious to young girls, especially when that little girl has curly hair. As always, parental affirmation and encouragement of natural hair is important for impressionable young minds, but experiencing hair care as a family creates an opportunity for unparalleled bonding moments. And thanks to the ever-growing world of natural hair on the internet, fathers who affirm their princesses by taking on the responsibility of grooming their hair are becoming increasingly more visible.

Whether you’re in need of practical tips and styling ideas for your little one, or you’re here just for the heartwarming moments, these videos will send you on a daddy-daughter hair tutorial rabbit hole in no time. Either way, these dads and their daughters are embodying the kind of “Hair Love” magic that we love to see. 

In honor of all fathers and everything they do, we’re highlighting some “girl dads” that are not only shaping who their little naturalistas will become, but keeping them looking fly while doing it. Keep scrolling for a roundup of 10 dads to follow who lay edges, braid hair, execute wash-day routines, and more. 

  1. Instagram: @breeze_n_dad

Treach and his daughter, Nala, have created a ton of different tutorials and styling videos over the years featuring fun and fresh styles for curly kids--many of which are simple enough for dads who are just getting started. 

In this video, Treach styles Nala’s hair in an adorable bun-hawk with braided parts inspired by beauty influencer TheChicNatural, complete with laid baby hair. 

  1. Instagram: @onyxfamily

In support of #GirlDad and in honor of the death of Kobe Bryant, Gigi Bryant, and all other victims of the crash in January of this year, Mirthell makes a valiant attempt to style his daughter’s hair into braided double buns. The result may not have been exactly what she expected, but the organic comical moments between the two of them make it well-worth the watch!

  1. Instagram: @iamtraeh

Natural hair influencer IAMTREAH and her husband Maurice make natural hair care a family affair and faceoff in a competitive and absolutely entertaining battle to see who can style their daughters’ hair better. A heartwarming and refreshing watch from start to finish. 

  1. Instagram: @yoshidoll & @thawrightway

The curly cutie Yoshidoll instructs her dad on the proper way to style her hair. After a failed attempt at double puffs with criss cross braids, they both settle on something cute and simple--a puff with a curly bang, a.k.a “the broccoli.”

  1. Instagram: @gordenandmarthadove

Gorden Dove takes us through a full wash-day routine with his daughter, Taylor, and with a little help from mom. Gorden uses shampoo from African Pride and a conditioner from the Aussie Miracle Curls line to detangle Taylor’s 4c hair.

  1. Instagram: @_jrrivera

Using Just For Me’s Curl Peace Nourishing & Defining Slime Styler and 5-In-1 Wonder Spray, J.R. provides maximum moisture to his daughter Azariah’s hair before styling it into 3 super defined ponytails and accessorizing with a bow. 

  1. Instagram: @getglamfam

Professional stylist Linwood carefully demonstrates a truly adorable hairstyle on his daughter that might benefit any dad who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of cornrows yet, and it doesn’t take long to accomplish. The finished look is two bubble ponytails with criss-cross braids at the crown--perfect for kids of all ages. 

  1. Instagram: @chadthestylist & @1lexishair

What if you never had to worry about missing a salon appointment during quarantine? Lexi’s father Chad (a professional stylist) dyed, trimmed, and silk pressed her natural hair during quarantine. Yes, that is absolutely a flex. 

  1. Instagram: @laguardiacross

Practicing first on My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash, LaGuardia styles his daughter Amalah’s hair in a simple braided ponytail--and Amalah is very refreshingly blunt about what it looks like.

  1. Instagram: @adri_africanking

Need product suggestions for babies? Adriano gives us a sneak peek into how he gently washes, moisturizes, and detangles his baby girl’s hair, as well as his own quick curly hair routine. For his daughter, he uses SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangler and SheaMoisture Marshmallow Root & Blueberries Kids 2-In-1 Leave In for easy combing.

What are your thoughts on dads styling natural hair? Was your father involved in caring for your hair as a child? Let us know in the comments.