Silver hair is no longer a look reserved for women of a certain age. Sporting those greys is a fun way to add character and a unique charm to your look in the most unexpected way. Here are 10 curlies who are living their best lives while rocking their silver curls and waves in style!



Samantha’s silver strands add a fun highlight to every look and her page shows that she loves to have fun with her hair. Follow her page for great style tips for silver curlies and anyone else who wants to style their beautiful curls.


If your curls are wavy, Mindy’s page is perfect for fun style inspiration.


For every look from rocking her hair full and free to up in a bun, follow Tenille for a look into the versatility of silver curls.


Follow Amanda for cute ways to sport a curly bang and accessories that make your silver curls pop in the best ways.


Follow @jjmua for makeup and hair tutorials that will show exactly how to create a beautiful face that is framed by your silver coif.


Yazemeenah’s soft long waves go well with her free and natural style. 


Carla makes it a point to rock her silver strands with pride as a host on The Chew. Her hair is always an amazing part of her complete look (along with her steady rotation of glasses frames).

8. @suddenlycurlyandgray

Nicole’s highlights add a pretty unique touch to each of her looks.

9. @terukolaura

Teruko’s soft curls stand out in every photo. All of her photos show ways that healthy silver curls complement great style. 

10. @carolinashairheaven

If you need style inspiration, Carolina’s Hair Heaven’s page features photos that show endless options.

Want to take your silver strands to the next level? Here are some major tips for caring for your hair:

  1. Find the right styling products for your hair. Want smooth curls? A frizz-free volumizing foam may be the way to go. Need some moisture? Try a nourishing leave-in conditioner.
  2. Try a dry haircut! If you normally wear your hair curly, a dry haircut can give you the intended look that you are going for because it is cut and styled in the form that you intend to wear it. Dry haircuts also allow you to see your silver hair while it is dry so you can determine the best styles for your hair and how it falls in real-time.
  3. If you feel like your silver hairs are looking a bit dull, try brightening them by washing with a purple-tinted shampoo, like Clairol Shimmer Lights.

Know of some other beautiful silver curlies that we should add to the list? Share in the comments!