There’s a lot that goes into a wedding: your dress, the venue, the food, the guest list — but for curly girls, the dilemma of what hairstyle to rock on the big day is another hurdle to tackle. Flipping through wedding magazines or browsing Pinterest boards, it’s hard to find styles for natural hair. But fear not — Naturally Curly has ideas on what naturalistas can rock on their big day — and it doesn’t involve straightening your beloved curls.

Naturally Curly spoke with stylist Atlanta-based stylist Ebony Sanders (@ilovetextureee) to get their take on styling natural hair for brides.

“Most people think styling curly/natural hair requires a ton of product and that (the style) won’t last through the day,” Sanders said.

Sanders also offered tips such as utilizing clip ins, trying rod sets, or trying a smooth and thorough blow dry, which allows a lot of versatility for different looks.

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Image source @kurlycrown

Yamel styled her own her for the celebration of her 20th wedding anniversary, and pinned the side of her beautiful afro back with a statement hair piece.

“It was very important to me to have my natural hair so that other brides could be inspired as well,” Yamel told Naturally Curly.

Image source @keziahdhamma

Keziah rocked an updo for her nuptials, letting her curls frame her face and giving her curly bangs.

Image source @hairndowed

This fabulous updo includes a braided portion on the side that’s clipped back with a stunning hairpiece, giving the look an upgrade from a typical updo.

Image source: @blairxxyn

Looking to rock a bun at your wedding? The jewels inside the twisted bun and the accompanying hair piece gives a traditional updo a more fun approach.

Image source @themodelmalyia

If you enjoy the way your hair looks when it’s down, we recommend rocking it and adding a hairpiece in like Malyia did! If you’d like your ‘fro to be more defined, check out our piece on how to get super defined curls with this Wash & Go Technique.

Image source @shaylabehringer

This low-ponytail look is both elegant and classy, allowing you to show off your earrings or any other flashy accessories you rock on your big day. To achieve this style, we recommend using the Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste to help slay your edges, and using a hair piece to give your original hair more volume in the ponytail.

Image source @hair_by_ann_iren

If you’re not committed to wearing your hair fully down, this half-up half-down style is great for showing off your curls — plus the flowers are a beautiful touch!

Image source @makeuphqegypt

This look is different than your classic updo, with the hair in the front bumped, followed by the hairpiece. The bride’s curls are then placed at towards the back of her head, providing a beautiful, streamlined look.

Image source @paucahantashair_1

This braided low bun is beautiful by itself — but the addition of the pearls makes this look very elegant!

Image source @ilovetextureee

This beautiful side part updo provides volume in the front with a bun in the back is great if you’re wanting to do a simple style to show off your dress and/or accessories more.

Image source @auroragipson

This soft twisted half updo is great for curly girl who want to wear their hair down for their wedding. The twists in the back are secured with a crown-like headband, giving the style a bridal look.

Image source @lisasmythbridal

This simple, yet elegant look is good for a curly girl who wants to rock a low veil on her wedding day. We also love how flowers were incorporated into this look instead of a hairpiece!

Image source @ilovetextureee

This gorgeous updo provides volume everywhere you look, almost giving it an “elegant fo-hawk” look.

Image source @Ik_hairandmua

This creative stylist used hair accessories to put the curls on full display for this bride’s wedding day!

What’s your favorite bridal style featured here? Have you rocked your natural hair at your wedding? Post your picture and tag @naturallycurly so we can see how you rocked your hair on your big day!