Natural hair is a form of expression. These 15 artists have used their talents and skills to present natural hair in stunning ways, which any curly can love and appreciate. Support and follow these artists by getting a piece of their work for yourself, and other curlies!

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Artist: @ princess__kay_

Princess Kay is a self-taught artist. Her artwork is available at, where her home décor, furniture, stationary, tech, accessories, and apparel items are sold.

Artist: @inspirebytyler

Tyler is a Chicago based artist. She enjoys painting and being creative. Tyler utilizes jewelry, hair, and fabrics in her art to make her work more realistic. Check out her paintings, tote bags, phone cases, and pillows on her website at to see more about her.

Artist: @timokamura

Tim Okamura is a painter located in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on creating realistic imagery. He specializes in mixed media, collages, and spray painting. Take a look at his paintings by visiting his website

Artist: @carlosdanielart

Carlos Daniel expresses his passion for black culture and self-love in his artwork. He excels in creating black girls with natural and curly hair, while encouraging self-love in his images.

Artist: @delmainedonson_art

Delmaine Donson is a photographer and artist located in Cape Town, South Africa. She is committed to showcasing the beauty in women of color. Delmaine loves illustrating afro hair and melanin, and the beauty of sunlight on the skin of black women. Inspiration for her pieces of art comes from black women embracing their own true natural beauty each day.

Artist: @loveiswiseillu

This artist has the coolest name! Check out Loveis Wise. Loveis is a freelance illustrator located in Philadelphia. She has created artwork for Cartoon Network, The New York Times, L’Oreal, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, Eileen Fisher, and many more companies. Loveis creates shirts, prints, earrings, pins, and journals. You can purchase her artwork at her online etsy shop at See more about Loveis Wise on her website at

Artist: @brienneyvonne

Artist and illustrator Brienne Yvonne is located in New York City. Brienne celebrates the beauty of curly hair textures and locs by using fine-tipped pens and paper for creating natural hair portraits. Her artwork also presents relationships between black men and women.

Artist: @jul_adney

July Adney creates paintings, sketched photos, cartoons, flyers, logos, and covers.

Artist: @bydivya

Divya is an illustrator. She creates feminist comics, quotes, and cartoons digitally. All of her work is featured on her Instagram, at @bydivya.

Artist: @debracartwright

Debra Cartwright is an art director and illustrator who makes watercolor prints, cards, and paintings. She hosts art workshops in New York. She provides art services including live painting sessions and illustration consultations. Access all her art links at, and shop for her art at

Artist: @bflybydesign

Domonique is an artist from the Bahamas. She does paintings, drawings, and prints with intricate details and surreal images. Inspiration for Domonique’s artwork comes from nature and butterflies. Visit her website to view her portfolio, and shop for her tote bags, phone cases, clocks, mugs, apparel, and stationery products.

Artist: @liamzer.carter

Liam is a graphic artist and art student. She creates cartoons digitally, mostly of black women with natural hair. Stop by her Instagram page @liamzer.carter, to see her work!

Artist: @studio_ashleen

Ashleen is a Chicago based artist. Her illustrations and prints are full of geometric shapes and curvy lines to represent and show all types of women. Check out her etsy shop to purchase her items at Also visit to buy her bags, tech, apparel, stationary, bath, home decor, tabletop, and furniture pieces.


Markus Prime makes drawings of figures, cartoons, and characters. His prints are sold on his website with heavyweight stock, along with apparel and stickers. Take a peek at his site,

Artist: @lebohanglang

Lebohang Lang Motaung concentrates on making realistic images of black women. She proves that hair is art. Lebohang brings her art to life by adding braids and twists to her drawings. She also does printmaking and etching! Explore her artwork on her Instagram, @lebohanglang.

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