Lagging behind on your fall product shopping? Maybe you’ve been holding on to that last little slice of summer and you missed all the latest in curly hair care. We have good news: we’ve recently added a ton of new NaturallyCurly-approved selections to the SHOP so you can shop all your new moisturizing products in one place. Whether you’re looking to try a new leave-in or planning a complete product overhaul, be sure to take advantage of all the new collections, from heavy-hitters like Shea Moisture and Mielle Organics to newly-added brands like The Doux and Sauce Beauty.

In case you missed the memo, ahead are 15 curl creams, deep conditioners, oils, balms and hair masks from the SHOP’s new arrivals section that won’t break the bank.

Botanika Beauty The Hydrator, $11.99


Gone are the days of thirsty, frizzy coils and curls with Botanika Beauty’s all-star curl cream. It’s ideal for defining and hydrating medium to thick curly hair, and if you really crave definition, layer it with Botanika’s Protector Gel.

The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade & Coconut Super Antioxidant & Texture Beautifier Conditioner, $13.99

After washing, it feels good to know you have a conditioner that leaves your hair feeling soft and rejuvenated after the shampoo. The Pink Lemonade & Coconut Super Antioxidant & Texture Beautifier Conditioner brings out your hair’s most moisturized texture and fights free radicals and premature aging with a host of antioxidant ingredients.

GroSecrets Leave-In Lotion, $8.99

This lightweight and color-safe leave-in is just as much a detangler as it is a moisturizer. It’s powerful in spite of its lightness, with ingredients like shea butter, keratin, olive oil, and coconut oil.

The Doux C.R.E.A.M. Twist & Curl Cream, $12.99

A defined twist-out usually calls for a styler that hydrates and provides a bit of hold. The Doux’s Twist & Curl Cream will put you one step closer to that defined, bouncy twist-out by increasing elasticity and elongating your curls. Going for finger coils or shingling? It’s perfect for that, too.

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Strengthening Hair Masque, $9.99

Strong hair is ideal to withstand cool weather and with Mielle’s Strengthening Hair Masque you can show breakage who’s boss. Add this to your routine on wash day to keep your hair fortified with biotin, rosemary, coconut oil, honey, and other organic goodies.

Sauce Beauty Intense Repair Oil Treatment EVOO, $9.99

Sauce Beauty is dedicated to healthy ingredients in their products to promote healthy hair. If your hair is in need of serious rehabilitation, the Intense Repair Oil Treatment uses evoo combined with thyme and basil to give you shinier hair with less chance of split ends or breakage.

Murray’s Billey’s Beard Balm, $6.99

Sometimes beards need special attention, too! Keep them soft, healthy, and free of dandruff with this formula of coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and essential oils.

Curl Theory Scalp Refreshing Conditioner Hair Wash, $13.99

Each product in the Curl Theory collection is created with hydration as the number one priority. The Conditioner Hair Wash lets you wash your hair as regularly as you need to without the fear of uncontrollable dryness and tangling. Clean your scalp daily while your hair is nourished with castor and jojoba oils.

Uncle Funky's Daughter Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Creme, $14.99

If consistent styling is starting to leave you with noticeable build up, you can use the Butter Brilliant Shine Creme in confidence. Although it’s a thick moisturizer/styler, Uncle Funky’s promises residue-free twist-outs, pony tails, locs, and afros

CURLS The Green Collection Avocado Hair Mousse, $14.99

Set your curls for the day ahead with a moisturizing, vitamin-packed styling mousse. Avocado’s natural detangling properties make this styler a perfect growth-enhancing and frizz-combating product.

Zotos Professional All About Curls Bouncy Cream

Curls of all types can benefit from this defining cream. The Curls Bouncy Cream promises rich moisture, no frizz, and a gentle, non-lathering cleansing. Help your curls stay light and bouncy with this styling cream.

Tailored Beauty Golden Herbal Collection Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum, $10.99

After moisturizing curls, keeping that moisture is the most important part in my book. Tailored Beauty’s Hair Remedy Serum is the perfect cocktail of oils including hempseed and neem oils for strength and antioxidant properties respectively. Apply it on wet hair to lock in moisture, and dry hair for a bit of added shine to a finished style.

Organic Root Stimulator Curls Unleashed Coconut & Avocado Curl Smoothie, $9.50

Moisturized, bouncy, and shiny curls are achievable on a daily basis with ORS’s styling smoothie for exceptionally dense hair types. The definition, hold, and elongation make it a popular choice for wash’n’go’s.

U R Curly Quinoa Conditioner, $11.99

Who knew a superfood would make a good conditioning ingredient? U R Curly takes advantage of quinoa’s vitamins and protein to protect the hair and prevent breakage. It’s also enhanced with lavender, aloe, and abyssinian oil without any parabens, alcohol, sulfates, or dyes.

As I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment, $9.99

If you feel your dandruff or dry scalp getting a little out of control this season, reach for As I Am’s Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment. Apply the oil treatment with a handy applicator bottle and massage gently, letting your body heat do the rest.

Did we add one of your favorite brands to the SHOP? Are you planning on doing any seasonal curly product shopping? Tell us in the comments.