For many curlies, shampooing is a huge no-no. Curls can be stripped of the little hydration they’ve managed to hold on to. Over-shampooed hair can be frizzy and lifeless, aching for a hint of moisture.

Thankfully, cleansing conditioners exist to provide curlies with the exact formula curls need to stay hydrated and clean. Best part, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to reap the benefits of this specially designed product. Here are 20 of the best cleansing conditioners that come in just under $10 apiece. Your hair and your life are about to change for the better.

Eden Cowash

EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash $8.99

The Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash from EDEN Bodyworks is always a top pick for other curly girls and me. It’s no suds, no sulfate, no fuss—its gentle cleansing formula conditions while removing buildup. The nourishing formula promotes a healthy environment for hair to grow long and strong.

NaturallyCurly user Kerri Wright says, “Using this product is a dream. Cleanses your hair without feeling stripped, detangles and softens. The scent is light and fresh and doesn't linger for those who do not like harsh, overpowering fragrances. The price point is beyond reasonable for the quantity and the number of uses you will get from this product.”

Pantene Truly Natural Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner $4.99

This co-wash was designed around textured, natural hair. There are loads of moisturizing properties that help manage frizzy and dry curls. This cleansing conditioner is one of the least expensive on the list and can easily be found at your local drug store. It’s always a popular choice for curlies on a budget who need just a little bit of extra hydration.

Bella Curls Coconut Creme CoWash $6.99

Bella Curls is known for making affordable products that offer nourishing properties. This cleansing conditioner is made with coconut oil that is rich in cleansing and moisturizing properties. Washing curly hair with this Coconut Creme Cowash will keep your hair healthy, more conditioned, and super clean.

“I was in need of a shampoo/conditioner with no harsh chemicals so I thought I would give this one a try. I used the co-wash last night, and I woke up to nice waves/curls in my hair and more volume surprisingly,” writes NaturallyCurly user Tayler Rene. “(My hair is) not colored, and I have fine hair (it is curly though) and I am happy I found a decently priced product that works well with my hair.”

Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils Flaxseed Recipes Purify Me Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser $5.99

Aunt Jackie’s looks out for your curls just like a family member. This sulfate-free cleansing conditioner is designed to keep your hair as conditioned as possible when washing. The product is a rich and creamy formula packed with omega fatty acids, and your hair will be super soft, moisturized and squeaky clean.

NaturallyCurly SHOP reviewer sbrown93117 writes, “I love this cleanser! I am low porosity, and I run daily, so I need to cleanse my hair twice a week. This cleanser is super moisturizing and cleanses my hair without leaving it feeling dry. It smells good and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft.”

Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner $9.95

This no-lather creamy cleanser is one of my favorites. It’s gentle on my curls and contains extra virgin olive oil that my hair soaks up like a sponge. Palmer’s also infuses a bit of vitamin E and keratin protein to help my color-treated curls rebuild some of their lost strength. What I love most about this co-wash is the smell, and, of course, the price tag.

Fantasia Curly & Coily Co-Wash $6.99

Jamaican black castor oil is one of the best oils for curly hair. It’s packed with rich omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids. When used as a co-wash, you’ll massage the oil into your scalp, which promotes blood circulation and helps your hair grow thicker and stronger. This conditioning co-wash from Fantasia combines Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil to cleanse as it conditions.

“I'm not a co-washer, but this is wonderful! The co-wash is lightweight and smells wonderful and goes on with ease,” writes NaturallyCurly user ThugPashun. “I can detangle my hair easily due to the awesome slip. The packaging is appealing, and directions are straightforward. I will definitely use this again!”

Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco 2-In-1 Conditioning Co-Wash $9.99

Shea butter is a curly girl's best friend. This co-wash is designed to help condition, cleanse, and reduce frizz in hair. What more do you need?

ORS Olive Oil for Naturals Butter Rich Co-Wash$7.99

This co-wash indeed is butter-rich. Infused with coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee butter, it can detangle even the messiest curls. Whether you’ve dipped into the ocean and let the salt water take a toll on your curls or you were whipping your hair around on the dance floor, this conditioning wash will be your saving grace.

“Refreshing smell and great detangler. This product left my hair moisturized and soft, without weighing my hair down,” writes reviewer Alexandra2017

Long Aid Naturals Manuka Honey & Bergamot Conditioning Cleanse $7.99

One of the best parts of this conditioning wash is that your hair is never stripped of its natural oils. Long Aid Naturals uses panthenol, manuka honey, bergamot extract, and ginseng extract, which simultaneously cleanse and condition hair. These properties are particularly helpful for curly haired girls in the transition period.

Cantu Complete Conditioning Co-Wash $6.99

Cantu is one of the most popular and affordable curly hair product manufacturers out there. Blending natural oils and butters infuse moisture in your hair while removing heavy product buildup. There are no harsh ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, or paraffin wax.

Reviewer Devri1 says that this product, “made my curls extra soft, detangled, and manageable. The shea butter definitely moisturized them well.”

Luster's Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner $7.29

Luster’s Pink makes products with excellent slip. The rich cream formula retains moisture and helps hair maintain optimal hydration. Infused with certified shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and pro-vitamin B5, this conditioning cleanser detangles hair easily and with little effort.

Coconut Restore Creme Conditioning Cleanser $7.99

The Coconut Restore Creme Conditioning Cleanser is designed to balance the level of moisture in your hair and your scalp without using any harsh chemicals. It restores, hydrates, and neutralizes your hair to provide extreme hydration and protection.

Lottabody Cleanse Me Co-Wash $4.95

For under $5, this conditioning wash is a saving grace. Enriched with shea oils and coconut, this affordable co-wash penetrates deep down inside of the hair follicle to hydrate and nourish hair while removing product buildup.

This is how reviewer Saquina Williams summed up this Lottabody product: “Great co-wash plus it lathers. Hair felt clean afterward. Not sure if it made my hair feel softer because it was pretty soft before washing and it didn't feel much different afterward.”

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Pure-licious Co-Wash $7.99

This lightweight co-wash is designed for color-treated curly hair. Argan oil and butter are the main ingredients in this conditioning wash and provide ample conditioning while removing residue from product buildup.

Renpure Coconut Creme CoWash Cleansing Creme Conditioner $9.99

Just at the $10 mark, this conditioning cream conditioner is packed with keratin, amino acids, and protein to gently cleanses your hair while sealing in oils for ample hydration. The formula is specially designed to supply your hair with the minerals and fats it needs to stay strong without being so dense that it weighs down your hair.

Reviewer Patrice says, “I really love this cleansing conditioner. It cleans my scalp and hair without over-drying it. I also love the fact that it does not contain peppermint oil, which I am allergic to. A lot of natural products contain it.”

TRUE by made beautiful Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner $9.99

This co-wash has a tantalizing aroma. The mango and honey make your shower feel like a tropical oasis. Product buildup is no match for this cleansing conditioner. Free of sulfates and parabens, you won’t have coarse hair—only silky smooth strands await you.

Smooth 'n Shine Curl Quenching CoWash $7.99

The combination of camellia oil and shea butter in this co-wash soften and smooth your hair for frizz-free locks all week long. You can gently cleanse your curly locks without breakage.

Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner $5

Herbal Essence is a name we all know and love. They surprisingly make amazingly hydrating products for curly haired girls, and this is no exception. Of course, this co-wash smells like a bottle of tropical heaven, and you won’t find any harsh chemicals. This co-wash leaves curls bouncy and fresh while removing grease and product buildup.

As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner $9

As I Am is one of the most popular brands of cleansing co-washes. This is a miracle tub that your curls will love. It spreads easily throughout the hair to gently cleanse the hair and scalp. It’s gentle enough for daily use and safe for color-treated hair.

L’Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner $7

Last but certainly not least, this coconut-infused cleansing conditioner is one of my go-to's. I’m a sucker for anything with coconut oil. My 3b curls soak it up like a sponge, and they never feel too weighed down. With this co-wash from L’Oreal, my curls are bouncy, light, and smooth.

Is your favorite on this list? If not, share your affordable finds in the comments section below! And if you’re looking for not-too-pricey shampoos, check out this list.