When spring comes around in New Jersey, it’s always sort of a big deal. Not just because Ritas is free on the first day, but because it can feel like the promised land after months of dramatic weather. These patterns can be unpredictable and extreme, so March and April always offers us some hope (and warmth!)

One of my favorite things to do with the change of the weather is spring cleaning, and not always in the most literal way. This can include ridding yourself of anything that no longer serves you, and replacing it with new experiences, new ideas and new looks.

I love to incorporate my surroundings, nature and spirituality in my self-expression. That being said, as the mother of a few house plants and flowers, there are so many ways to incorporate their beauty in our choices. Flowers in the hair has been a popular look for decades, especially with its prominence in the 60s.

There are so many ways to accentuate your natural hair and curls with the fruits of our environment. You can use real flowers or take a trip to your local AC Moore for a fake bouquet. Either one works, it’s just more about your preference.

For more complex looks that highlight a bunch of flowers, using artificial ones will most likely give you the best outcome. They stay in place longer and are more workable with products. Real flowers are gorgeous for an authentic look, but they are more sensitive. Placing them in your hair can require many bobby pins and miracle work, but they shine in photos!

Check out some of the ways these curlies are embracing the changing seasons!

Keep it classic

flowers 1

Image Source: @selfmademaia

You can never go wrong with this tried and true look! The single flower exudes light, love and positive energy. You can never get mad at someone who’s pulling this look, I dare you to try! Maia is a breath of fresh air here.

Crown me Queen

Image Source: @theh00dprofessor

Flower crowns were all the rage during my middle and high school years, but fortunately we’ve grown out of the tacky phase of them being overproduced and the center of every retail store. When done right, they Nyuma shows off how effortless and breathtaking this look can be!


Image Source: @kk_lovescolor

KayKay is a queen of innovation with this look! I cannot get enough of these vibrant colors and the big personality attached to this bouquet. She is turning heads and putting the cold weather to shame!

It takes 2, baby!

Image Source: @sheismonasia

Dreamville festival was not prepared when Monasia stepped on the scene. She’s not letting us breathe with this super sweet style. The two flowers with the space buns bring the best of both worlds together, and I’m here for it.

Sweetly Scattered

Image Source: @aashlyntb

This is the style of goddesses! Floral locs are carefree and elegant simultaneously, and they do nothing but radiate joy. Ashlyn embodies all of these qualities, her beautiful nature can is right on display.

Sun Flower Child

Image Source: @itskiimarie

Sunflowers are one of the most popular for a reason. Kii reminds us exactly why! If you’re looking for a spring look, sunflowers always liven up anything you match them with. That yellow is to die for. She showed up to this shoot and killed it, we’re in love!

Spring is always a great time to try something new and stop to smell the roses. By bringing more plants and flowers into your life, you can do both! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!