Do you want to hit the gym, but worry about what working out will do to your hair? Don’t let your hair hold you back from getting fit! Explore ways to style your hair for working out!

1. Pineapple

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A pineapple will keep your hair up and out of your face for your workout session. If you want to show off your curls while working out, this is a style for you! Grab a cute silk scarf. A silk scarf will serve as an accessory and a sweatband!

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

You will not have to do much to refresh this style. A silk scarf will keep your hair laid down even after your workout. After all the movement from exercising, you may need to simply adjust your scarf. You can spray water, a leave-in conditioner, shine mist, or a curl refresher on your curls to give them some moisture and shine for the rest of the day! See how the fitness expert Samantha Ortiz, refreshes her pineapple after working out here!

2. Braids

If you know you want to commit to increasing your workouts and want an effortless style, braids are for you! Braids are an easy protective style, and can get you out the door to the gym faster. You won’t have to worry about having a time-consuming hair routine before and after exercising.

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Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

After working out, you won’t have much to do to your hair. Resist the urge to pack gel with alcohols on your edges. Use edge balms and pomades instead to keep your edges moisturized and healthy. You can also apply oil or a light leave-in conditioner to nourish and tailor your edges.

3. Top Knot

Keep your hair stylishly pulled back with a top knot. A top knot is a protective style that will give you a clean, sleek, and polished look.

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Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

Rock this style anywhere! Slick down any fly-away hairs with oil or serum. Moisturize and flatten frizzy edges by using pomades and balms.

4. Twists

If you want a style that requires little maintenance, you can two strand twist your hair. Put your twists up while exercising to keep your hair out of your face. They make an easy and protective style.

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Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

For twists, all you might have to do is touch up your edges. As with braids,

avoid the urge to pack gels with alcohol on your edges. Gel products for edges in combination with hair brushes can cause hair loss and damage. Nourish baby hairs with leave-in conditioners, oils, pomades, and edge balms.

5. Cornrows

Cornrows give your scalp lots of parts, which helps your head in sweating out during and after an intense workout. You won’t have to worry about your hair being ruined. Make sure your cornrows are not too tight to avoid hair damage.

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Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

Use an oil or serum to smooth any frizz down. Skip on using thicker products to avoid product buildup. Stick with using a light edge balm or oil. You can also use a light pomade or leave-in conditioner for your edges. Stay away from harsh brushes for baby hairs. Too much pulling can lead to damage. Use your fingers to style your edges instead!

6. Puff

A ponytail will never go out of style. Ponytails are easy to do, and take less than 5 minutes to complete! Ponytails tied too tightly with ponytail holders can be damaging. Instead of using tight ponytail holders, use a Snappee hair tie. Snappee hair tie’s serve as a ponytail holder, without causing damage by pulling natural hair too tightly. View Snappee’s quick 5-minute video on how to use the Snappee hair tie, here. Buy a Snappee hair tie in the NaturallyCurly Shop here.

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Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

Spray your ponytail style with shine mist, water, leave-in conditioner, or curl refresher for shine!

7. Slick Back Low Bun

A bun is always a popular gym style. A bun is a simple option, for a quick and easy on the go look.

Image source: @naturallycurly

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

Mist your hair with a shine spray or a leave-in conditioner. Oil, edge pomade, and edge balm can also be applied if needed, to make your bun style last after the gym!

8. Ponytail Braid

If you like exploring styles that stand out, try a ponytail braid! Add gold or silver cuffs to your ponytail braid to make a statement style, like this!

Image source: @naturallycurly

Tips to Refresh Hair After Workout:

Since this is such a sleek style you would only have to take care of light frizz, if it occurs. Apply serum to the frizz. If necessary use edge balm, and pomade for the perimeter of your hair.

Working out and having a cute hairstyle IS possible. You DON’T have to give up one or the other. Go into your workout session with confidence by trying a hairstyle that will help you reach your fitness goals!

What styles do you wear for working out? What new style will you try for working out?

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