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Alexis Belon’s long, luscious corkscrews are one of her biggest assets – show-stopping locks that make us swoon. But those curls have a way of magically and mysteriously twisting into tangles.


“Sometimes there’s honestly no rhyme or reason as to why my hair gets tangled,” says Belon. “It’s just the nature of the beast – that’s literally my pet name for my mane. That movement throughout the day will cause some tangles.

Belon is a New York-based writer, visual artist and lifestyle influencer with a YouTube web series that chronicles her journey, “Infinity and Belon”. When she's not talking culture, she’s giving her take on beauty, fashion or giving a peek inside her fabulous life.

Belon is not alone when it comes to tangles. They are one of the most common issues for curly girls because the cuticle is rougher and the hair tends to be drier.

Detangling curly hair is a crucial step in any curly hair care regimen. The frequency of how often you should detangle your curls varies depending on your hair’s texture and length. A good rule of thumb is to detangle your hair on wash days, whether that is once a week or every other day.

Belon shared tips and tools that make detangling a breeze for her:

  • DO detangle when your hair is soaking wet: Although some say you shouldn’t detangle your hair when it’s wet because it’s more fragile, I find that with The Large Ultimate Detangler by Tangle Teezer and the right conditioner, I am able to detangle in the shower, easily and painlessly.
  • DO apply a conditioner or detangling spray before detangling: Wet hair strands are weaker and, if manipulated improperly, can run the risk of more damage. Conditioner adds slip and moisture, which makes the detangling process easier.
  • DO use a well-designed detangling hairbrush: If you have long hair which tangles easily, you need to have a gentle hairbrush which is specially designed for your hair. Belon’s personal favorite is The Large Ultimate Detangler. With its larger size and its long, strong, patented, two-tiered teeth, the hairbrush helps effortlessly and quickly detangle long wavy and curly hair with no pulling, yanking or tugging and reduces precious minutes off the detangling time. (Tip: Make sure you clean your hairbrush regularly to remove buildup from conditioners and styling products).
  • DO detangle in sections: “I go through my hair section by section with the Tangle Teezer hairbrush” Belon says. If you attempt to detangle your entire mane all at once, you’ll get frustrated. And using Tangle Teezer’s The Large Ultimate Detangler also saves me time as it covers a larger brushing surface.”
  • DO detangle from the ends to the roots: “Gripping the root of each section as I brush through is imperative!: she says.
  • DO take your time: Have patience when you’re detangling your hair. Never yank or rip through your strands. If you go too fast or you use too much tension, it causes breakage – not to mention pain. Feel free to add more conditioner if you’re dealing with an extra pesky knot.

Belon has access to the best beauty products available, and Tangle Teezer is considered the gold standard in the world of detangling. The company first took the industry by storm with its iconic palm-shaped hairbrushes. 

Customers like Belon with longer, thicker curls need to cover more surface when detangling their hair. That’s why Tangle Teezer created The Large Ultimate Detangler, now available in Lilac & Purple exclusively at ULTA. The new lightweight Tangle Teezer Large Ultimate Detangler hairbrush is 20 percent larger than the current Ultimate Detangler, making it perfect for brushing thicker, curlier, textured, longer hair. The Large Ultimate Detangler has 108 additional teeth versus the current Ultimate Detangler who has 325 unique teeth that flex over tangles and knots with every stroke for even the thickest, curliest heads of hair.

Belon’s Large Ultimate Detangler now is an indispensable part of her regimen.

 “The best part about The Large Ultimate Detangler is that compared to other hairbrushes, there is less breakage, leaving hair healthier-looking,” says Belon. “The bristles are longer and stronger than most other hairbrushes, and it was obvious that it was made with textured hair in mind. And that’s something I really appreciate.”