Plopping, pineappling, clipping the canopy – these are just a few of the terms and techniques that curlies have come up with for mastering their hair. We’re a creative bunch and when a method or product doesn’t work for our curls, we invent a new one.

That’s what curl stylist and salon owner Brianne Prince, of Brianne Prince Salon, did when she invented her “curl kebabs” technique. Brianne recently had surgery that has limited her range of motion, so she is no longer able to style her hair the way she was used to. But being a curly hair stylist (and a curly girl herself”> she is no stranger to the innovation required to maintain curls. Besides, we are talking about the woman who taught us how to plop with a veil net and O clip our roots.

If you have yet to find success using the clipping or plopping methods, and still need a way to prevent flatness at the roots of your curls, then check out Brianne’s new technique.

What you’ll need

For this technique Brianne chose to use kebab skewers. You could also use pencils, chopsticks, or rattail combs. The idea is to use something long and thin that is not blunt at the ends, so as not to disturb the curl pattern when you slide them into your hair.

The technique

Take two skewers and slide them towards each other at the crown of the head, slightly lifting the roots and crossing the skewers. Continue to do this, moving backwards away from the face. Brianne did four pairs of skewers, but do what works for you.

Watch the video

Have you tried this technique? Or have you invented your own way of lifting the roots?

Cristina Cleveland

As the Managing Editor of NaturallyCurly, Cristina is passionate about using influence to empower the next generation of women. She also serves as a GENthusiast member of the Girls Empowerment Network and is the creator of the blog Fuji Files, where she explores the effects of positive thinking and conscious shopping.

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