Winter is solidly here, and 2019 is right around the corner!

If you’re celebrating a new year with a new look, you might want to use these curly concepts for your inspo this season! Spoiler warning: I get heavy handed with imagery...but what else is new?

1. Non-Gloomy Gray

Who says you can’t mix somber and sparkles together? Fools without vision, that’s who. Take a look at this baby hair-heavy half updo!

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Image by @queenmodel.hendricks

The gorgeous gray being played up with a mix of shiny accessories reminds me of an overcast day where you’re still getting a little sunshine, and I like it. Pile your hair and hopes high for the new year, it’s going to bring great things!

2. Kente Kouture

Is your New Year’s resolution to get more in touch with your African roots (despite maybe not knowing exactly WHERE on the continent they are…)? Do you wear locs, box braids, and other natural/protective styles that make it difficult to get all your old pre-transition hair clips into your ‘do, and even though you still haven’t cleared your drawers of them, your other resolution was to shop a lot less, but you keep buying the same small clips because you wear wigs now, even though you’re still spending too much money, STOP DRIVING PAST THE HAIR STORE, APRIL.


Maybe take a page from Loccessories’ model here, and grab some pretty accessories that light up the night while being specifically constructed to accentuate the fullness of your style!

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Image by @loccessories

We might not be saying “Go out and buy this fascinator EXACTLY,” but there’s nothing wrong with supporting black businesses whilst looking incredibly regal. And nothing says ‘Afrofuturism’ like ringing in the new year with a little nod to the homeland...even if it’s not exactly GPS specific.

3. A Bit of Blond

Maybe it’s my latent desire to marry a Viking talking, but I love blond hair. And culture/genetics aside, I love it on everyone of every shade! The only issues is, you also need to make the commitment to hair-self care if you’re going from deep dark hair to bleached bombshell. Consider making a deeper connection with an intensified deep conditioning routine and with professional stylists before you hit the peroxide.

If you’re ready for the extra upkeep and dramatic, different, and deadly cute is in the cards for you in 2019 though?, Go for the gold! Miss Jasmine here did.

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Image by @alamode.styles

This year, BCC can stand for Blond Close Crop. TWAs stay winning, and blondes DO have more fun.

4. Fire or Ice

I’m Texan, raised by seagulls and cattle alternately, but we hear tell that there are places that have ice fall from the sky around this time of year. Wild…

Jokes aside, nothing says ‘winter’ more than the cozy combo of snow and icicles and a warm crackling fire to come back to after you’re done not acting your age outside. So what better inspiration to draw from than those very elements?

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Image by @chez_vitaly

Decisions, decisions. Are you an ice queen, keeping the world wintry, kicking it Elsa style with a wall of braided wonder? Or are you more of a cozy type that keeps it low key, yet still glowing, and with all the fire power to snap back at anyone that gets a little too familiar?

Whichever look speaks to you more, you’ll be sure to turn some heads with your hair either way!

5. Faux Loc Luxury

They say you need to have what you want to attract around you, right? If you want love, be loving, if you want sandwiches, be in the bread aisle, that sort of thing? Well, if you want riches to come into your life in 2019, why not adorn yourself with extra gold ( colored things anyway)? This queen did.

5 / 5hair inspo 5

Image by @kdolcecoiffure

I actually tried hard to think of a venue that this look wouldn’t be appropriate in, and I just gave myself a headache. I’m a sucker for half and half ‘dos, and an even bigger one for pops of gold on black. Plus, what better to catch the light of the fireworks than some extra shininess on deck?

So which looks would you make your own, curlies?

Personally, I think I’d like to try the knee-length box braids, combined with a lot of hair jewelry—just get really flashy with it. After all, one of my resolutions is to accessorize more every day, and another one is to strengthen my neck; why not kill two birds while I slay?

Let us know which looks you liked in the comments!