Having healthy and strong natural hair is the ultimate goal for most naturals, but there is no shame in switching it up every now and again! If you’re a natural who still likes to wear straight styles, then blowouts may be a styling choice that is near and dear to your heart. But is there a way to maintain the style on curly and coily hair, especially for those of us who live an active lifestyle and exercise regularly? Sophia Emmanuel, professional stylist and certified trichologist of Mane Advocates in New York, took the time to impart her knowledge on getting the most out of your blowout on naturally curly and coily hair, and what you should expect from your hair.

How To Maintain a Blowout on Natural Hair

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So, why a blowout? What are your thoughts on the benefits of getting a blowout on natural hair?

“When it comes to blow drying natural hair it depends on what works best for your lifestyle, (for example exercise, or other athletic activities”> and the amount of time you want to spend maintaining your hair. For women with natural hair, blow drying their hair is just easier for them to maintain, especially if they are not as hands on with cleansing, conditioning or styling their own hair at home. Although a blowout on natural hair is easy to maintain, it can be harder to keep it from reverting back to the natural texture if you work out or if your hair is exposed to any moisture.”

What is your blowout technique for natural hair? Is there any difference between doing the style on straight hair and curly/coily hair?

“In the salon I shampoo, condition the hair under a steamer, rinse the conditioner, add a leave-in like It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In, place the client under the dryer to let at least 80% of the water dry out the hair. After this, the client is removed from the dryer and I add a heat protectant spray like Brazilian Blowout Ionic Blow dry spray, before I blow dry the hair. Once the hair is blown out, I add a pea sized amount of Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil and I proceed to flat iron the hair. This technique is used on type 3c to 4c. Looser curl types could use just a blow dryer to straighten their hair, using the same products, because (they are not heavy, and will not weigh the hair down.”> For a sleeker look, looser textures can use a flat iron as well. On straighter hair I use the same process, it just takes a shorter time.”

Do you have any favorite products to help maintain the style?

“At home there are really no products you need to use to maintain a blow dry. If you use products on your hair when it is blown out, like serums or oils, they may weigh the hair down. Once the hair is straightened you can use a light shine spray like CHI Enviro Smoothing Shine Spray to add shine to your hair. If you need to seal the hair and combat frizz use a serum like CHI Silk Infusion.”

Lastly, do you have any expert tips on maintaining the style for someone with an active lifestyle i.e, people who work out regularly or athletes?

“Sorry, but blowouts revert the minute you sweat or if there is any moisture in the air. Smoothing treatments help clients blow out their own hair faster by making natural hair more manageable and elongating curls. With a smoothing treatment like a Brazilian Blowout or Affirm Texture Release, it can help make the hair easier to blow dry, seal the hair, and add shine. Smoothing treatments can help extend the life of the blow dry but if you perspire or go near any moisture your hair will still revert the same.”

While, unfortunately, it looks like there’s no magic to prevent the return of your curls and coils when moisture is involved, you can style your hair in a way to reduce the effect. You can always minimize your hair’s contact with the sweat through a bun, ponytail, or protective style.

Do you ever straighten or blow out your natural hair? If so, do you have any special techniques to make it last? As always, let us know in the comments. And take a look at these tips to prevent heat damage with your next blowout.

Camille Wilson

As a recent college grad with a degree in Sociology, Camille is passionate about culture and self empowerment — and she loves her type 4 hair. She’s a member of Watu Moja, a non-profit organization and cultural exchange movement that has done outreach in Kenya, and she's a partially self-taught visual artist. She’s also a low-key Beyonce enthusiast.

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