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Zendaya is a style icon in Hollywood, and we couldn’t be any more proud! She is a great role model for young people all over the world, but especially for our younger curly girls. Never afraid to stray from the ‘norm’, Zendaya has shared that she loves changing up her hair dramatically, be it a new hair color or cut, by wearing wigs, weaves, braids and her iconic faux locs look - all without having to damage her natural curls.

The curly community rejoiced when Zendaya also revealed her curly hair routine on her YouTube channel! Check out below some of the products she uses and techniques to get her hair poppin.

Products Zendaya Uses:

Zendaya styles her hair on wash day with the following steps:

  1. She shampoos every three days using the ‘CHI Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil Shampoo’, followed by the ‘Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil Conditioner’, which she uses every day.
  2. She then detangles her curls with a wide tooth comb whilst her hair is wet. She told Seventeen magazine that she swears by this hack, “When I get out of the shower, I use a wide-tooth comb. Otherwise my hair gets tangled or matted or the curls lock together.”
  3. She then goes in with her “special juice”, the Multi-Cultural Curls product by Miss Jessie’s, applying it evenly with her fingers.
  4. Afterwards, she dries her hair gently with a microfibre cloth.
  5. To finish the drying process, she then uses the Devacurl Devadryer and DevaDiffuser.
  6. At night, Zendaya sleeps with her hair in a pineapple. She doesn't call it a pineapple, but we know what she means! "I put my hair on top of my head with a loose scrunchie. It's not really a bun, it's just piled there so I don't crush the curls. And I sleep on a satin pillowcase. My older sister, who has hair similar to mine, convinced me to do it. It's really good for hair."

Extra tip:

“I carry around a little spray bottle with conditioner or oil mixed with water. Just spritz it on and it brings the curls back to life."

Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HszBf-CJeVE

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The Disney star’s story is very much like most of ours: she grew up figuring out how to care for her natural hair and style it properly. During this process she says, "I wasn't comfortable with my curls when I was a kid," and that "I had to learn to appreciate and understand my hair."

It looks like Zendaya's dealing with some heat damage at the ends - something most of us can relate to at some point in our curly girl journeys. Zendaya tweeted how she feels about heat styling now, “I hate flat irons, curly irons, all of em, they make us look cute sometimes but then destroy our hair.. what kind of trickery, they’re evil.”

This is great comfort for those who are currently struggling with their hair, you are not alone. Even a Hollywood star relates!

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