I am a huge fan of hair foams of every variety: volumizing, moisturizing, root lifting, and curl refreshing. I have tried most of them, and if I had to choose one styler to use in lieu of all others, a foam would be it. Having used Lottabody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse with great results, I was pretty excited to see Lottabody Milk & Honey Refine Me Curl Defining Mousse in the store. I knew it would work for my hair before I tried it because I did my usual label sleuthing. (Product junkie tip: get to know ingredients and you will save money when shopping for new stylers.”>

I Tried the Lottabody Milk & Honey Refine Me Curl Defining Mousse

The product’s first ingredient is water, so it is light, and absorbs well. Other key ingredients include:

  • cocamidopropyl betaine is a surfactant that is coconut-oil derived. It helps create a rich foam, and moderates the viscosity of the other ingredients. It has some mild conditioning properties as well.
  • Polyquaternium 11 is used to help smooth hair and reduce static. It can help with the type of winter frizz that comes from dry indoor air.
  • argan oil smooths, moisturizes, and helps strengthen strands.
  • shea locks in hydration and conditions hair.
  • milk protein and coconut oil help strands to be stronger and less prone to breakage.

My review:

I first tried this mousse on fully saturated and detangled hair that did not have any additional product in it. My goal was to see if it could hydrate my curls on its own. Generally, with most foams, I do need to use a leave-in underneath. I applied eight pumps of product in total, distributing it throughout my hair and raking it through. The scent was really pleasant and not too heavy. I then finger-coiled and scrunched my hair. The curls clumped extremely well. With some brands of mousse, the product tends to sit on the hair, requiring the excess to be scrunched out with a microfiber towel. Lottabody Milk & Honey Refine Me Curl Defining Mousse penetrated the hair shaft. I just had a little extra at my roots that I was able to easily scrunch into the hair. When my hair dried, it was shiny, defined, and had good volume. It was frizz-free and stayed that way for the entire day.

The next day, I wanted to ensure that the product could refresh my hair easily. Being a high porosity, fine hair density curly, I tend to lose moisture and definition easily. Frizz is always a challenge as well. I tried to scrunch in a tiny section of curls that had lost definition and I found that I needed to add a spritz of water. I lightly dampened the area, applied a small amount of the product, and then finger-coiled the curls that needed a boost. I allowed them to dry and lightly scrunched them for extra body. I was able to repeat this for several days with good results. I recommend this mousse with a caveat: it provides medium hold, so if you like a firm cast you may need to go over it with a firm-hold gel.

Have you tried Lottabody Milk & Honey Refine Me Curl Defining Mousse in additional ways, like for twists or roller sets? Let us know in the comments. If you want help on deciding on whether mousse is the right product for your curls click here.

Stacey Biro

Stacey Biro is a food and lifestyle blogger living in Southern California with her husband, Alex, and cat and dog. She loves sharing her favorite healthy plant-based recipes and tips on her blog, and encouraging all her curly-haired friends to embrace their beautiful natural textures.

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