We love a good trend and nothing has been more popular over the past few months than the “Olaplex Trend”. This trend began during the spring season as Olaplex expanded its collection and curlies were experimenting with strategic ways to use the product.

What is the Olaplex Bun?

The “Olaplex Bun” focuses on slathering your hair with your chosen Olaplex product (for naturalistas No. 3 is our holy grail”> and then creating a simple slicked back bun that allows the product to absorb into your hair.

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What are the benefits of the Olaplex Bun?

The appeal is that you can maximize your Olaplex product by allowing it to penetrate your hair follicles as a deep conditioner you can leave on for a few hours or overnight. If you’re a regular Olaplex user then you know it usually can sit on your hair for 10-20 minutes and then is washed out afterwards. For new users wondering what the Olaplex hype is about, let’s break down what Olaplex is and what naturalistas love it so much.

What is Olaplex? 

Olaplex is a scientific system that is designed to help repair, protect, and strengthen damaged hair regardless of your texture or type. It’s very commonly used to treat damaged hair while you are at the salon, but you can buy your own bottle from popular retailers like SHOPNaturallyCurly, Amazon and Sephora. Each bottle ranges in focus for a specific hair treatment whether it’s to repair broken bonds, eliminate frizz, treat colored curls, or help with hydration. If you’re looking for an easy way to help make your hair easier, healthier, and stronger, this is a great system to invest in. The entire line consists of shampoos, oils, and masques, but for this trend we’re going to use their popular No.3 product.

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Trying Out the Olaplex Bun Trend

I have been an avid Olaplex No.3 user for a few years now since I started dying my hair. It’s a small bottle that packs a tiny punch so I use it 1x a week and sparingly. Since it runs about $28(without tax”> I definitely try to make it last as long as possible, so needless to say I’m crossing my fingers about this trend’s results. 

![olaplex-bun-trend-7]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

You can use the trend on freshly washed hair or second day hair so I decided to use it between my wash days. If you don’t want to use the No.3 bottle then TikTok users have also the option to use the No.6 Bond Smoother.

![olaplex-bun-trend-6]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

![olaplex-bun-trend-4]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

One of the pivotal parts of this process is having to rewet your hair and dentagle it section by section. If this is too tedious it might just be easier to hop in the shower, but if you have the time then you can work the product in section by section.

![olaplex-bun-trend-5]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

![olaplex-bun-trend-3]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

You’ll then apply your Olaplex to each section of your hair and focus on either the tips or the entire section. I noticed my hair immediately responding to the No.3 which I don’t always get to see in the shower because I’m just waiting to wash it out. Seeing it’s immediate effect on my curls was very surprising and made me hopeful.

![olaplex-bun-trend-2]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

You’ll swoop your hair into a slicked back bun and make sure to brush down your edges if you plan to keep this style throughout the day. I planned to leave it on overnight so I sprayed extra water and tried to smooth it down as much as possible since I couldn’t add any other product on top. It didn’t drip off or fall off of my scalp and was styled very smoothly with my hair. It did begin to create a soft cast on my hair towards the end of the night that made my hair a little stiff, but it wasn’t anything too alarming.

![olaplex-bun-trend-1]I Tried the Olaplex Bun Trend on Curly Hair

When it washed out it was shiny, detangled, and felt very strong. It really set up my hair for success for the rest of my week.

Final Thoughts

This is a great, simple, and easy trend that gives you the benefits of a deep condition without having to wait around for wash day. It was great that my hair maintained the style throughout the day so it wasn’t a hassle or inconvenience. I might just make this a weekly routine because of how well my hair was hydrated and conditioned after this experience!

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