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When I get out of the shower with wet hair, my curls are defined, beautiful S-shaped ringlets. But somewhere between wet and dry, my clumped curls can separate and become frizzy.


I've discovered that the drying stage is the difference between defined curls and frizz. I've tried every tool on the market, including kitchen implements, and I've finally found the answer to my curly prayers: the InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System. Here are all the reasons my new InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System is better than other diffusers on the market.

Frizz-free curls

Whenever I leave the house with wet curls, there's a perfect chance I'm going to experience frizz throughout the day. Heat, humidity, and cold wind don't mix well with damp curls. That's why it's critical to me to dry my hair entirely within the comfort of my temperature-controlled home (preferably without having to wake up at 5 a.m.!). With a powerful professional motor and ionic and ceramic technology, it sets my curls quickly.

Volume and Definition

I always thought that I had to sacrifice some definition and accept a bit of frizz to achieve volume. Especially with my looser texture, the volume can be elusive. When I air dry my hair, I find that the weight of the wet hair pulls my waves down and causes them to dry flat at the root, and I personally find clipping my roots to be too cumbersome most mornings when I'm in a rush.

That's why I was excited to discover that this InfinitiPro by Conair Texture Styling System gives me both volume AND definition. My curls are big, bouncy, frizz-free, and lifted at the roots. Keep reading to see just how I create that lift.

Enhances curls

I have a mix of Type 2c and Type 3a waves and curls, and it can really vary from loose and fluffy

to bouncy and defined depending on the products and methods I use. I personally have found that when I air dry, then my hair is closer to Type 2c and even Type 2b, and my waves are less defined. Most frustratingly, they are not uniform, some areas are very loose, and others are curlier.

Most standard diffusers blow out your curls because the airflow blows up and out, causing frizz. The InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System circulates the airflow gently and around my hair, giving me a more uniform curl pattern. I love the way this diffuser cups my curls in the bowl, which I've noticed makes my curls tighter, which gives me the 3a/3b curls I love.


When I wake up in the morning, I can count on my curls to be stretched out and standing in all directions. But all I have to do is spritz them with water to reactivate them, use a tiny amount of styler to spot treat any frizz, and lock in the style with a diffuser. This is honestly easier than trying to pull it up into any sort of half updo or updo.

Faster Drying

The InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System has cut my drying time in half. With a powerful, professional motor and ionic and ceramic technology, it sets my curls quickly and gently so I can walk out the door in the morning with my best frizz-free curls. That means I can stay in bed an extra half hour, a big plus on cold, Brooklyn winter mornings!

Here are My Top Diffusing Techniques

Step 1

You'll want to apply a gel or a cream gel to the hair when soaking wet. Hair clumps together to form curls when wet, so it's important to lock that definition in by evenly applying a styling product to all of the curls. I typically start a few inches away from the roots to prevent the roots from getting greasy and flat.

Scrunching the curls from the roots towards the ends encourages my waves to clump into spirals.

Step 2

I like to flip my hair upside down. (Yes, upside down!) This lifts the hair up and away from my head as I diffuse it, creating volume and bounciness.

Step 3

I follow the pixie curl method to diffuse, which means I cup a section of curls into the bowl of the InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System. Then I switch the dryer on for 30 seconds or longer. Then I switch the dryer off and move on to the next section. It may seem insignificant, but it's very important to switch the dryer off before moving between sections because it can really cut down on my frizz.

If I'm in a rush, I use heat, and if I have extra time, I diffuse without heat. InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System has three heat settings and 2-speed settings so I can customize the temperature and airflow. There's also a cold shot button, which locks in my curls.

Step 4

Since my ends tend to dry faster than the hair closer to my roots, my stylist taught me the importance of diffusing the sources by holding the InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System directly over them. In addition to preventing frizz, this technique also creates more height. With other diffusers, the airflow can blow the hair around as you're styling. Because of the InfinitiPro By Conair Texture Styling System's unique airflow, it circulates the air gently and evenly around the hair, so this is never an issue anymore. 

Step 5

If you're looking for a bigger, slightly messy look, fluff your hair at the roots when the hair is dry. For even more volume, flip your hair over, putting it all into your M.O. then stop here. I personally prefer a bigger, slightly undone look, so when my hair is completely dry I fluff it at the roots to create even more volume., flip your hair upside down, resting it in the bowl of the InfinitiPro By ConairTexture Styling System on the cool setting.

Voila! From soaking wet to dry and defined in just 15 minutes.

And I'm able to return my strainer to where it belongs: in my kitchen cabinet.