Life can be busy at times! Travelling, working, studying, looking after our homes, taking care of our children, ourselves… and our curls! When our life’s schedules take a toll on our curly brains, we strive for simplicity, and this includes our hair product choices. We all value products that we can multi-task with. Personally, when life is busy, I want three basic things from a single conditioner:

  1. A conditioner that is suitable for co-washing;
  2. A conditioner that feels hydrating when left in the hair;
  3. A conditioner that does not cause any build-up side effects.

For more than one year, I’ve been using a conditioner that has become a sensation in the world of curls. I’m talking about the Long Hair Don’t Care conditioner. I first heard about this product while learning the MAP Method, taught in the Cultivate Your Curls course, by Scott Musgrave. After using my first bottle, I decided that it would become a staple in my curly hair routine!

The Goodness is in the Details

Alcides Rodriguez is the mind behind Long Hair Don’t Care. He has an amazing head of long curls! He started creating this product for his own hair in 2010, but began to take it seriously after a motorcycle accident in 2013.

He never anticipated that Long Hair Don't Care would become so successful.

I asked him if he would like to develop more products in the future. He said that he is open to the idea, perhaps including a new conditioner with a richer oil content, and a shampoo.

Long Hair Don’t Care is a botanical conditioner that has no sulphates, silicones, waxes, artificial oils or drying alcohols. This clean conditioner is 100% suitable for the Curly Girl Method.

It adds a cooling effect when applied to your scalp. It smells like mint, and adds a boost of hydration to any curl that feels dry and thirsty.

It makes your curls shine, it doesn’t build up and it cleanses well when used as a co-wash.

Here is a breakdown of its main ingredients:

How To Use

I always open a bottle of Long Hair Don’t Care when life is hectic and I need a simple routine. I use it to cleanse and condition. I also leave some of the conditioner in, before applying gel.

When I cleanse, I apply some Long Hair Don’t Care on the tips of my fingers and apply it throughout my scalp, with a gentle massage, for 1-2 minutes. Then, I fully rinse.

When I condition, I apply generous amounts on the lengths of my hair using the “praying hands” method. Then, I trickle some water on the hair for extra slip, and detangle with my fingers, from ends to roots, in a downward motion.

Finally, I trickle some water on my scalp, and don’t rinse the conditioner, before applying a gel and diffusing until 100% dry.

This is a very simple and effective routine, for any busy curly girl.

One of my results with Long Hair Don’t Care in 2018.

Shiny curls with Long Hair Don’t Care and a Gel in 2019.

For All Curl Types

Long Hair Don’t Care can be used in any curl type.

Wavy, Curly, Coily… Fine, Medium, Coarse… You name it!

It doesn’t weigh any type of hair down, and it always brings out the best in them.

Shiny waves that were cleansed and conditioned with Long Hair Don’t Care.

My Conclusion

I genuinely believe that Long Hair Don’t Care is a top quality conditioner, suitable for any type of curl. Whether you’re a curly girl on the go, or a curly girl with a lot of time in your hands, I think this conditioner has all the potential to improve the condition of your hair overtime, if you stay consistent with your routine.

Long Hair Don’t Care is an amazing multi-tasker. You can use it to cleanse, condition, as a leave-in… and as a deep conditioner!

Alcides sells Long Hair Don't Care directly to the public through his Etsy Shop, but his product is also sold across several curly hair salons in the United States. Long Hair Don’t care is also available in salons and online shops in Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Have you tried the Long Hair Don't Care conditioner? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.