In honor of Mother's Day for the year of 2019, let’s take a look at some amazing mothers and daughters who not only rock natural and curly hairstyles, but do it together! These 10 mommy and daughter pairs with natural hairstyles give tons of hair inspiration!

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Image Source: @yarashahidi

1.Yara Shahidi

Whether their hair is down or up, Actress Yara Shahidi and her lovely mother always keep it curly and natural! You can check Yara and her mother out in their recent feature in the Summer 2019 issue of Town and Country Magazine. You can also see the digital edition here, to see more on their natural hair and curl power!

Image Source: @caxshe

2.Carmen Alexandra

Designer and Blogger Carmen Alexandra and her precious little one rock their super cute She the Collection head wraps! You can check them out at You can also check out more stylish head wraps in the NaturallyCurly Shop here.

Image Source: @findingpaola

3.Paola Mathe

Business Owner, Creative Director, and Lifestyle Blogger Paola Mathe and her beautiful baby girl Zuli match together, and look amazing!

Image Source: @daynabolden

4.Dayna Bolden

CEO, Model, Host, and Lifestyle and Beauty Content Creator Dayna Bolden and her daughter Aria travel in style with their natural hair.

Image Source: @blogdoisencantos

5.Thais Alves

YouTuber and Blogger Thais Alves and her mini me are totally identical and twinning with their gorgeous and long curly hair.

Image Source: @bwatuwant

6.Brit Watkins

InstaBlogger and Model Miss Brit Watkins and her curly mom are stunning sharing a selfie with their curls!

Image Source: @naptural85

7.Whitney White

Whitney White, the Founder of Melanin Haircare and her little girl both wear their curls down! Twins!

Image Source: @mahoganycurls

8.Jessica Lewis

Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger, and YouTuber Jessica Lewis and her daughter Belle are all smiles and curls!

Image Source: @ravishing_tresses

9. Jeanette J Braith

YouTuber Jeanette J Braith and her little beauty Xenai are both so pretty in pink! You can check out how Jeanette does her baby girl’s hair, and tips on a baby’s natural hair here.

Image Source:@m.a.d.curls

10.LoriAnne and TaylorAnne

YouTubers LoriAnne and TaylorAnne always stick together and deliver a mommy daughter duo on their YouTube channel M.A.D. CURLS (Mother and Daughter Curls). Visit their YouTube channel to get plenty more of mommy daughter curly hair inspiration! You can also check out TaylorAnne’s Texture Tales on NaturallyCurly here, and LoriAnne’s Texture Tales also on NaturallyCurly here.

These 10 mom and daughter pairs show the beauty of natural hair, and how natural hair can bring a mom and daughter closer together! Try these hairstyles on yourself, your mom, daughter, or both and start twinning!

What hairstyle are you going to use to start twinning?

What hairstyle do you want to share with your mom or daughter?

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!