My Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Review - The Good Bad And Ugly

Seven months ago I received the new Goldwell KeraSilk Keratin Treatment, and I’ve been paying close attention to the results on my hair ever since. I also got the treatment a second time and had dramatically different results. If you’re interested in trying out this treatment, I’m here to let you know how this treatment performed against its product claims and most importantly, how my curls and waves held up. And to remove any doubt from your mind, this article was not sponsored, it is just an honest account of my experiences.

What the treatment promises

  • “Makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable” I say: Yes it does.
  • “Softens waves and smoothes the overall hair structure” I say: Yes, but be careful!
  • “Reduces the clients’ daily styling time significantly” I say: True.
  • The effects are supposed to last up to 5 months. I say: True, but they lasted beyond that.

My Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Review - The Good Bad And Ugly


The Good

  • It really did eliminate EVERY bit of frizz. It was extremely effective, and lasted a long time — I still have no frizz after 7 months.
  • My hair did not feel damaged. My hair was and still is extremely smooth and silky.
  • It protected my hair from dryness. My hair stayed healthy, shiny, and smooth for the whole time.
  • It prevented breakage. After seven months and a lot of manipulation (I work as a model and they are not gentle with my hair”> my ends are still full and I have no split ends. My last trim was 5 months ago and have not experienced split ends or breakage since then.
  • In the beginning, it generally made styling easier: I was able to get of the shower and use no additional styling product, and my hair stayed frizz-free.
  • My treated hair is really strong and healthy.

My Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Review - The Good Bad And Ugly


The Bad

  • It loosened my curl pattern from a Type 3b to a Type 2b. This will vary depending on the strength of the treatment you choose, and of course it depends on your hair goals. If that is what you are looking for you may see this as a positive. But for me I considered this a big negative.
  • In my experience the claim that this lasts five months proved to be false. On my hair, the results of this treatment have been permanent. So if you’re looking for a short-term, temporary treatment, then I would not suggest this for you.
  • If you use the strong formula and then you decide to stop using it, you will have to transition from treated hair back to your natural curls like you would with a relaxer.
  • There is potential for heat damage because the product is sealed into your hair at very high temperatures. Be especially careful if you have fine hair like mine, because fine hair is more fragile and tends to be more vulnerable to damage from heat and chemicals.
  • It was easier to style at first, but as my hair grew out it became difficult to blend the two textures.

The Ugly

  • Success depends on your stylist: The stylist must follow the guidelines and directions for application correctly. I liked this treatment the first time I got it, but the second time I received this treatment the stylist was not adequately prepared. She mixed up the solutions, giving me the curl eliminating formula, which was not what I asked for and made me regret my decision to try this again.

My final thoughts

So, is it a “good” treatment? In general, yes I had a positive experience and it mostly fulfilled its promises. My advice is that you should be prepared and  well-informed before you head into the salon for a chemical treatment, and find a stylist who is very knowledgable. In my experience the “Five months only, semi-permanent” promise turned out to be false. I think this treatment is excellent for curlies who are looking for a considerable amount of frizz reduction, who want to spend less time and money styling the hair on a daily basis, and who have no problems with potentially altering their curl pattern permanently. 

Note:This is just my personal experience with my dense, fine, Type 3b curls. I don’t know how this treatment would react on other hair types, so I would recommend that you ask or read reviews by women who have your hair type (including porosity, density, and width”> before you go through with this.

This post was not sponsored and is purely based on my experience as a Kerasilk Keratin Treatment user. Now that you know all that there is to know, make your own choice wisely. You can watch me on YouTube @shalimarcat and let me know how your keratin treatment experience went!

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