Though the changing leaves are beautiful, it’s distressing when our curly hair starts to dry and break in the colder, drier autumn weather.

My Type 3 Fall Routine

The end of summer means that I can’t count on the humidity to give me extra zhush. It means my hair becomes a bit more limp, a bit more lackluster, and more prone to dryness. I *can* count on my hair lasting longer between washes without the heat and humidity, but that’s about my only silver lining! Here's how I shift my standard routine to add extra moisture and pump up the volume.

Less Gel, More Leave-In

In the hot and humid summer weather, I increase the amount of gel I put in my hair. The heat and humidity encourage me to weather-proof my hair a little more deliberately, since all the extra moisture from both me (and my perspiration) and the elements mounts a persistent attack against my curl structure.

As the weather cools down and dries off a little, I step back my gel quantity, and am more generous with the amount of leave-in conditioner I put in.

Afro Pick, Afro Pick, Afro Pick

My biggest fall struggle is the sudden loss of hair volume! That heat and humidity may attack my curl structure, but I love what it does for my hair silhouette. To make up for this, I use an afro pick more often and more vigorously in my hair to increase my root volume. Remember that you don’t want to use an afro pick if your hair is wet or damp, so let your hair dry entirely before you take one to your roots.

To increase my root volume without combing out all my curls, I tip my head forward and bring my afro pick to the crown of my head. I comb in the direction of my hair (I don’t tease, e.g. go against the direction of my hair!) in short, speedy, one to two inch strokes all around the crown. As soon as you flip your head back again, you’ll immediately see the huge spike in your root volume.

Up My Deep Condish Game

I try to deep condition my hair before most hair washes, but if I’m going longer between washes and the weather is colder, then deep conditioning becomes non-negotiable. Instead of deep conditioning for an hour or two before I wash my hair, I might leave some shea butter or coconut oil in my hair overnight. I’ll wrap a plastic bag or an unlined plastic cap over my head, drape a towel over my pillow, and sleep on my deep conditioner overnight for extra conditioning.

What techniques do you use to transition your hair between seasons? Have you tried out any of these tricks and how do you like them? Sound off in the comments below, and get a head start on your fall curly hair regimen by checking out these fall curly hair sales!