What if I told you that you could pop a cute little sticker onto your shoulder and enjoy better hair in a matter of days? Skeptical? So was I. But that’s the premise behind these new Hair Magic Smart Stickers, a limited edition collaboration between R+Co and Body Vibes.

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Body Vibes burst onto the scene back in 2017 with an endorsement from Goop. The company manufactures stickers that emit a specific vibrational frequency, purported to help harmonize your bodily systems. These stickers can do everything from improve your complexion to treat your anxiety, and while there’s no scientific evidence to support those claims, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that they work.

As someone who uses crystal healing – another woo-woo remedy with no real science to back it up – I’m not totally opposed to the idea that a vibrational sticker could improve my health in some way. But my scalp health? A sticker?

These Hair Magic stickers are designed to “increase oxygenation and maintain a healthy scalp environment.” That is their only claim. Theoretically, a healthier, more oxygenated scalp should lead to other hair benefits, like longer and healthier hair, since circulation issues can absolutely lead to hair loss over time.

As someone with seborrheic dermatitis, scalp health is a constant struggle for me. Frankly, if a sticker can help, I’ll try anything at this point. I had faith that, if they did work, I’d notice – my chronically flaky, itchy scalp is very sensitive to any environmental changes.

I tested the Hair Magic stickers for two weeks to see whether I noticed a difference.

The Experiment

The R+Co Body Vibes Hair Magic package instructed me to apply one sticker “to the left side of the heart or above it.” The stickers are programmed to 963Hz. Each sticker remains effective for up to 72 hours, and there are six stickers in the package, so a package should last for eighteen days total. Each package is $36.

These stickers supposedly harmonize your body, like tuning a piano. Again, there’s not much science to back this up, but similar patches have nonetheless been used by health professionals for many years.

So I stuck the sticker on. It had a cute crown on it to symbolize the crown chakra, and I put it on my left shoulder. I switched the sticker out for a new one every three days and waited for them to harmonize my scalp.

The Results

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from these stickers. I was hopeful, because the internet is full of positive reviews of Body Vibes’ other stickers, like those for Self-Love or Focus. But I was also skeptical, because how can you program a piece of fabric? And how could my scalp, of all things, be affected by a shift in frequency?

Structurally, the stickers are well-designed. They stick to your skin even in the shower, and you hardly notice they’re there. I didn’t experience any skin irritation or other negative side effects.

Soon after I first applied each sticker, I did feel some tingles in my head and scalp. However, I’m convinced that that was the placebo effect. I’m sad to say that, after a couple weeks, I didn’t notice any real difference in my scalp or hair. My seborrheic dermatitis remained undeterred, and I didn’t notice any increase in hair growth or health.

That said, this product’s claims are pretty vague, so I can’t say whether it “worked” or not. It only claims to help maintain a healthy scalp environment, and there’s no real way to measure that. Is my scalp healthy? I don’t know; it’s probably as healthy as it was before? Who can say!

Final Thoughts

So would I recommend these Hair Magic stickers? If the idea of altering your vibrational frequency appeals to you, I say go for it – but skip this particular sticker and go with one of Body Vibes’ other products. I can totally see how a special vibrational frequency could improve your mental health, for example, and it clearly works for a lot of people. Scalp health? Not so much. I didn’t notice any effects, so it’s a pass for me.

If you’re really determined to use these stickers for your hair, there’s also a Vision On sticker to “heighten artistic expression and increase focus for hairstylists.” At $6 per sticker, the stickers aren’t outrageously expensive, and who knows? They could slowly but surely make you more vibrationally attuned.

Have you ever tried a Body Vibes sticker? Would you give it a chance? Let us know in the comments!