Spring’s here!

Now is the time for flowers, allergies, sunshowers, and PASTELS! Especially pastel HAIR.

These tints tend to evoke images of suburbia, babies, and desserts, but they’re actually just as versatile as our coils, curls, and waves!

I didn’t think it’d ever happen, but I’m into delicate hair colors now, and I’m not coming back out!

Sorry, Auntie Morticia...I’ve failed you.

So how do you coordinate pastel colors into your curls? These curlistas have answers and inspo!

Hair care always has to be the first thing you keep in mind if you’re dyed-in-the-curl diva.

As long as you’re staying moisturized and maintained between coloring, you’re not beholden to any singular shade! Switch it up according to your mood like @girlwiththespidertattoo!

You can have a blue period...

spring 1

Image Source: @girlwiththespidertattoo

Or you can think pink!

Image Source: @girlwiththespidertattoo

If you ever find yourself needing to look more serious, for interviews, funerals, or even badass cosplay, you can always grab a natural-colored wig like @_yaniir_ does!

But I’d never want to cover these pretty pink n’ peach waves.

Image Source: @_yaniir_

ALSO, it’s Aries season (WOO), so why not celebrate accordingly! A ram kigurumi—the lovechild of mascot suits and feetie-pajamas—is a great finisher to what your pink hair started!

We fire signs can have softer sides.

Image Source: @_yaniir_

But not all of us want to do any heavy color-lifting on our curls! I’m in that camp myself. Bleach? BLEAGH.

But there are ways of getting around that! For instance, coily sistas have the box braiding option!

Like @fatangryblackgirl! She put in a couple shades of pink, and it’s a bubblegum blast.

Image Source: @fatangryblackgirl 

You’ll notice the sweetly curled braids are both on, and poppin.

Going multicolor is another cuh-YOOT option. Check out @hermosa_alma as she stops traffic in France.

How much class does this pompadour have?

Image Source: @hermosa_alma 

I argue that SHE’S the real art exhibit here.

Of course if you really want to lean into the spring theme, flowers are a natural accessory.

Image Source: @hermosa_alma 

You can go high-class OR indulge your inner child with pastel box braids, and I love it.

But if you’re not looking for a braided style, take a gander at @naturallytash. She both runs and USES her own hair makeup company, and the results on both her natural curls and her wigs are kind of insane.

No, this is not a paid plug, y’all, I just think the effects and her CEO status are bomb.

Check out the range how light and dark you can keep things with multi-color pastel coils!

Here we see her progression from cotton candy...

Image Source: @naturallytash 

...to springtime bouquet...

Image Source: @naturallytash 

...all the way down through to a desaturated sunset!

Image Source: @naturallytash 


Embracing pastels doesn’t even have to be your immediate result either! When you color your hair, letting it lighten over time can be a fun part of your evolving look if you do it with enough flair. @alien.artistry got it down to a science!

Grassy and sassy here:

Image Source: @alien.artistry And forest-fairy tinted here!

It might be lighting OR lightening going on there, but the main point is: who says flowers get to have all the fun? You better be-LEAF that soft mosses, mints, and seafoams can take center stage just like Alien Artistry’s waves!

Also, I am LOVING the pairing of pastel and punk rock. Soft colors and hard edges CAN go together, I don’t care what anyone says.

Still not convinced pastel curls can be go with anything and everything?

Well, seeing is believeing. Look at how leftflowers_ does it with her all-over lilac.

Image Source: @leftflowers_

Case closed, trashed, dismissed, you’re welcome!

Fun non-neutrals have their place literally everywhere, and I can’t wait for my next hair order to try some myself (unless I change my mind AGAIN)!

Have you ever gone beyond the pale with your own curls? Tell me about it in the comments, and send these curlistas some love if they gave you any ideas!