10 Ways to Celebrate International Curly Day

International Curly Day

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When NaturallyCurly.com was founded 10 years ago, we declared the first day of fall, September 22 this year, as International Curly Day. We wanted to set aside a day for us curlyheads across the globe to glorify our curls and kinks, revel in our ringlets Can’t think of a way to celebrate? Check out these 10 playful things to do on this special day.

Throughout our 10th anniversary year, look for special Top 10 lists every month.

1″> SHARE the International Curly Day celebration video with straight and curly-haired friends!

2″> LOOK for 10 curlyhead strangers who have a great style. Take 30 seconds out of your day to compliment their curls. Bring on the brag!

3″> THROW a curly swap soiree. You don’t have to spend a bundle to try new curl-boosting products. Sort through your own cache of items in your vanity and pull out the ones that don’t really work for your curls. They just might be perfect for another curlyhead. Ask your curly friends to do the same, and invite them over for cocktails or coffee. Start swapping!

International Curly Day

Jumping for joy is a good way to celebrate International Curly Day.

4″> CREATE a curly inspiration collage with a child to build a sense of curl empowerment. Start with a stack of magazines, cut out pictures of curly role models (celebrities, musicians, or anyone who represents anything related to curls”> and paste them onto a poster board in a creative way. Voila! Instant inspiration!

5″> PAY IT FORWARD and donate curl-nurturing products to a womens’ shelter. Your generous gesture is sure to put a smile on the faces of women who are struggling to find their way and regain their confidence. It feels oh-so-good to give!

6″> EXPERIMENT with a new, sassy style. If you have precious little time to fuss with your curls, try time-saving tricks that will simplify a sensational style in a snap!

7″> ENJOY your favorite curly pasta at an Italian restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try. Well, there’s no time like the present. Consider savoring a dish of eliche (spirals”>, gemelli (twin twists”> or fusili (long twists”>. Bon appetit!

8) START a gratitude journal . . . for your curls. Come up with 10 reasons why you love your curls for your first entry. Then, every time you receive a curl compliment (or want to give yourself one!”>, jot it down. When you need a shot of confidence, open up your journal and smile.

9″> PAMPER your curls with a deep-conditioning treatment to bring back the longed-for luster. What better way to show your curls you love them? Not sure what ingredients are best for your textured tresses? Learn more about moisture-rich ingredients here.

10″> SHOWCASE your curly pride with an item emblazoned with artist Will Heron’s NaturallyCurly.com design, created especially for International Curly Day! Sure to be the curly “It” item for 2008!


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