Farewell summer, fall is just around the corner. I am a fan of the fall season, I love everything about fall from the cute scarves, to the super cute boots and hats! We are here for all the fall hair trends, colors, hairstyles and accessories. Check out the top 10 fall hair trends that you will start seeing all over your Instagram timeline very soon!

Natural Hair Trends

1. Sleek Ponytails


Sleek ponytails are in for the fall. This style is cute with your favorite fall hat or just as is. Check out this tutorial on how to get a super smooth natural sleek ponytail.

Check out a video on this style here

2. Angled Cuts

We’ve been seeing some super cute bobs all over instagram. There is just something so cute and bold about a bob. If you are feeling like you want something new for the fall season this hairstyle is definitely one that will turn heads! 

Check out a video on this style here

3. Wavy Bobs

Curly and wavy bobs are perfect for the fall season! You can wand curl your hair for a super cute wavy look, throw on a red lip and you are ready to take on the day!

Check out a video on this style here

4. Protective Styles

It’s time to put your hair away for a while and try a new protective style. Passion twists are popular right now and is the perfect protective style for you to try this fall to keep your hands out of your hair.

Check out a video on this style here

5. Colorful Braids

Another protective style to try this fall is colorful braids. Fall is about bold colors. You can try out some new colors with your hair and its not permanent. If you are feeling bold go for a different color hair the next time you try out a braided protective style.

Check out a video on this style here

6. Hair Colors

Image Source: @pekelariley

Bold hair colors are a hit for the fall season. Have you been thinking of coloring your hair? From bold blonde, blonde and auburn highlights, to unicorn vibes we’ve got you covered on some fall hair color inspiration. Check out these cute colors that will leave a statement this fall.

Check out a video on this style here

7. Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have become very popular over the last few years. Add some barrettes to your hair to make your style pop. You can also add some gold accessories or colorful string to your protective styles to really make your style stand out.  

Check out a video on this style here

And here

8. Fall Hats 

The fall season is the perfect time to put on your cute hat and accessorize! There are so many ways that you can rock your curls with a hat.

Check out a video on this style here

9. Headwraps

Tuck those curls away and pull out the headwrap this fall. Headwraps never go out of season but with the cooler temps it’s the perfect time to rock a headwrap. You can wear your headwrap so many ways and get so many different styles out of them. They are definitely a favorite go to for the fall season.

Check out a video on this style here

10. Headbands

Headbands are an accessory that will never go out of style. Slick your hair in a cute bun or wear it down you can never go wrong with a cute headband.

Check out a video on this style here

Are you ready to take on fall with these fall hair trends?