It’s an exciting time for textured hair. Never before has there been better open access to all the tools, tips, and tricks of the trade to care for curls. YouTube, in particular, is home to some of the best influencers anywhere. Among them, the following kings of content are making waves. Show them your support and appreciation by liking their videos and subscribing to their channels.

Gio 700


Gio’s Wave

When most people think of male hair YouTube channels, Gio’s Wave is often the first one to come to mind. I first learned about Giovanni Ferrer, A.K.A Gio, from Bianca Renee’s channel. His hair is so long that has its own pillow for sleeping. He makes videos on growing longer, stronger, healthier curls.



Will does tutorials on braided styles, haircare, and some fitness. He welcomes all hair types to his fun, upbeat channel. Even though it’s a men’s channel, ladies can learn from it, too.



If you want tips from a pro on perfecting your buzz cut and all the trade secrets to keep your (and your man’s) hair looking on point, check out 360 Jeezy. With over 2 million subscribers, this prolific content creator is one of the most popular on YouTube.



From product reviews to flat ironing and style tips, Graham has you covered. He’s also a Hydratherma Naturals Brand Ambassador.


Terell McDonald

For the finest in curl defining, straightening, cornrowing, and all things natural-hair related (and more), stop by and see Terell.


Curly Guy

Curly Guy tries all the newest tools and techniques to inspire. He might be the only male with curls that I’ve seen use hair paint wax (and use it correctly). You have to love a video called “Hair Yes, or Hot Mess?”



I love the creativity of these video topics. Yes, he’s got your standard wash and go routines, hair trimming tips and product reviews, but he also has amazing style tutorials, like a braided curly puff and a rope twist out.


Angel Roma

First, can I say that it is nice to see a Devacut on a guy? I know Angel isn’t the first to have one done, nor will he be the last, but I wish more male YouTubers would film the process. Hopefully, it would inspire more curly males to embrace their texture rather than opting for, say, a buzzcut like my wavy curly spouse does. Besides the Devacut, Angel has videos on routines, products, accessories, and other topics to help other guys create top-notch curls.


Gunther Da Great

If you need some spot-on advice on dreads, curls, and box braids for guys, this is channel for you. He even has best tips for transitioning from dreadlocks to curls.



Narada, AKA Afrikan Hair God, showcases a vast array of stunning sets and braided styles in addition to tips on hair health, hair growth, and roller skating. He also delves into some interesting topics ranging from why he hates crochet braids to texturism.

Who are your favorite male YouTubers? Share their channels and links in the comments. For 12 Natural Hair YouTubers to Subscribe to NOW, click here.