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If you want volume without sacrificing curl definition, the Flip Section Method might just be what you need to achieve your hair goals. Curly influencer, Sophie-Marie, created it to help you get your best wash day results yet, particularly if you are already a fan of flip-styling. If you have not seen it demonstrated on Instagram by Sophie-Marie and other curlies, it involves sectioning your hair when your head is flipped upside down, and then creating ribbon curls in each of the sections. After the curls have been clumped, you flip your head to the upright position while placing your hands at your roots. Doing this keeps the curls from getting stuck in the back of your head.

It works best on hair that is medium-length or longer. For short bobs or pixie-cut styles, you may want to section the hair upright, and scrunch or shingle to enhance your curls. The Flip Section Method works well on curls that are primarily type-3. I like it because it is the perfect solution for internal layers that get tangled easily and are resistant to holding their shape. It is also great for high-porosity hair that has a tendency to stick to itself and its neighbors.

This method is a combination of hair hacks she has been doing for a while which she merged together to speed up wash day routines and improve existing flip-styling techniques. Basically, it will help you get that volume with definition in less time. In the video below, she demonstrates the method in its entirety.

How to do the Flip Section Method on your curls

What you will need:

  • detangling brush
  • comb
  • claw or duckbill clips
  • hair dryer with a diffuser attachment
  • lightweight leave-in
  • curl cream (or similar product)
  • gel or gelee

Optional: sealing oil or serum and a spray bottle filled with water


1. Apply a leave-in

On wet hair, apply a lightweight leave-in, and then detangle using a detangling brush. Sophie-Marie uses a Tangle-Teezer.

2. Flip over and apply styler

Flip your head over and apply a styler with some moisturizing slip to it such as a curl cream. Rake it in and then brush it through your hair to ensure the cream is evenly distributed.

3. Fluff upside down

While your head is still upside down, fluff your roots a bit to make it easier to section. Use your index fingers to create three or more horizontal sections, and secure them with a clip.

To avoid confusing your sections, follow these hacks:

4. Brush to create clumps

Begin working with the front section. Brush the hair on the outside downwards and out. This will create large clumps. If you would like them to be smaller, run a comb through them.

5. Shake and scrunch

Shake out the first section, and then apply and scrunch in gel.

6. Repeat and rewet

Repeat on the other sections. Mist on additional water if needed.

7. Flip upright

Place your fingertips in the back of your hair and keep them there as you flip your head upright. Gently remove them.

8. Touch up

Check the curls around your face to ensure they are clumped properly. You can go over them again with the brush if needed.

9. Diffuse while flipping

Diffuse while flipping your head from side to side, and then upside down. Periodically pinch your roots to elevate them. 

You can watch Sophie-Marie's full routine below.

What if you have neck pain?

If you have back or neck pain, this may not be the right method for you. Fortunately, we have lots of other great methods for curlies to try on the site. One of my favorites is the 123 Gel Method. Alternately you can try the method in an upright position as is shown by Alexa, below.

Sophie-Marie states: "I invite every curl type to try this (the Flip Section Method), as trial and error are your friends. What works for some might not work for others. I also invite any modifications, just like every other technique out there, modifying something to help it suit you. We are all unique with different heads of hair. But I can’t guarantee it works for every single curl type and length, I have only tried this on myself, however I have had feedback from a lot of people within my Instagram curl community with all different curl types and densities, and the majority have given positive feedback on their results."

The Flip Section Method by Our Favorites

Below are Flip Section Method reels from some of our other favorite curly influencers.


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In this reel, Gena does a side-by-side comparison with Sophie-Marie.

Have you tried the Flip Section Method? If you have, let us know your thoughts in the comments.