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Hi Curl Friends! It’s no secret within the natural hair community that tapered haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles. We’ve all crushed over popular tapered beauties like Tiffany Renee (@iamtiffamyrenee“>, Kendra Kenshay (@kendrakenshay“>, Dayna Bolden (@daynabolden“> and so many more. I have rocked a tapered cut for three years and love it. It’s by far my favorite natural hairstyle. The tapered cut offers naturalistas both pros and cons. If you’re considering trying a tapered cut or are on the fence, keep reading to find out everything you need to assist with your final decision.


Flexible Cut and Styling Options

![3366A42B-CBF1-49FF-9CFB-9B6FF3663DDF]Want to Get a Tapered Cut Everything You Should Know

![68B61846-426B-4730-B64B-B69EF4CA5F04]Want to Get a Tapered Cut Everything You Should Know

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The best thing about tapered haircuts is there’s no one size fits all. The tapered cut can be worn multiple ways. The cut itself can be customized to the individual’s face shape and liking. Some curl friends like completely shaved sides while others prefer a little texture and curl. The sides can be cut higher or lower around the temple/ears. Depending on the amount and length of hair, styling options can include twists, twist outs, flexi rods, wash and go, finger coils, braids, and much more. If you’re getting bored you can add design parts to spice it up, or even straighten your hair for a cute bob or pixie.

Quicker Styling Time

Tapered cuts not only offer flexible styling, but also quick
overall styling time. Styling time is a breeze because there’s only half a head of curls to style. The actual process to wash, deep condition, and detangle are simplified with only having to care for the top of your hair. This can be real motivation to try new hairstyles and keep it fresh. It’s always a positive when you save time and can be cute.

Less Product Use

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Image:Naturally Shauniece

Not only will you be saving styling time, but you’ll conserve products too. Listen, I know we are all product junkies and a “dime sized” amount is a myth in the natural hair community (you know it’s true”>, but when you have a tapered cut, a “dime sized” amount is just enough. Products last a lot longer because there’s not much hair. When products last longer that means more money in your pocket. Who doesn’t love saving money?


High Costs and Maintenance

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Image:Naturally Shauniece

You’re probably thinking “tapered cuts are short, so they must not require a ton of styling work or maintenance”. Well, that’s not entirely true. Yes, there’s less hair to style and wash, but the overall maintenance costs can be a lot more than expected. Tapered cuts grow extremely fast, which means you’ll be spending money on shape-ups and haircuts. Depending on the length of your sides and back as well as how long you’re willing to go between haircuts, you should plan to get a haircut and shape-up twice per month. Since the top of a tapered cut is long, a haircut maybe required every few weeks depending on your desired length. If you want longer curls on the sides and back, you can expect matted curls every morning which means additional styling time to refresh.

No Bad Hair Days

The major advantage to having long hair is the ability to wear a hat, slick your hair back, or wear a high puff when bad hair days happen. With a tapered cut, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day. There’s no hair to put in a bun or slick back. Again, since the top is long, wearing a hat is nearly impossible. This means additional time to refresh curls every two or three days.

![10DB3602-376C-4EB3-8595-AE39C825F370]Want to Get a Tapered Cut Everything You Should Know


The tapered cut is a beautiful hairstyle offering flexible styling options, shorter styling time, and decrease product usage. At the same time, the haircut comes with some additional maintenance costs and no bad hair days. Whatever your decision is, remember that your hairstyle should make you feel confident and beautiful. A tapered cut may be the perfect cut to do just that.

So Curl Friends, are you considering a tapered cut, comment below with your questions. If you have a tapered cut, what would you list as pro or con?

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