Why Your Hair Looks Better at the Beach

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For most of us, the beach conjures up feelings of ultimate bliss and relaxation. Gentle waves, calypso music, and perfect sunsets are the stuff of our imaginations. For two weeks out of the year, it’s real. Two weeks of beachy waves and Boho braids, minimalist makeup, and strappy sundresses, and we feel like goddesses. Then, back to the daily grind, and our daily hair care routine, and we forget how to relax, to nurture ourselves, and to experience the blessings of this life. Curly hair looks its best when we back off and let it do what it does naturally. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself when your curls look their finest, and chances are it is at noon on a Sunday afternoon when you’ve done nothing to them, except for maybe casually picking them out before brunch with the girls. Your hair looks better then, just like it does at the beach, for a couple of reasons that you need in your everyday life.

Reason #1: You have ditched your daily hair care routine, or at least eased up a bit.

We all know the drill: Sunday wash day, Monday and Tuesday refresh, Wednesday co-wash, and so on and so forth with updos, and scalp issues, and pineapples in-between. It just gets to be too much sometimes. The Curly Girl Method is supposed to be easy, but many of us have turned the wash and go into a profoundly complex process that our hair and scalp could use a reprieve from every so often.

Reason #2: You are relaxed.

Life can be a huge stressor. From work, to family responsibilities, to all the bad news bouncing around on social media, we take on, and take in, a lot. At the beach, all that noise and drama just fades away to calm, and our hair and skin respond in positive ways.

Reason #3: You are taking time for yourself.

Whether you are a beach-dweller who likes to daydream while lying in a cabana, or an avid jet-skier, or someone who likes to explore local shops and restaurants, you are doing what you want to do on your own schedule. This can cut your stress levels way down, and have a positive effect on your skin and scalp, and your hair will look better as a result.

Reason #4: Sun increases Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D has been shown to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn promotes hair growth. Those with hair and scalp issues due to an autoimmune condition can especially benefit from higher Vitamin D levels. Just be sure to protect both your hair and your skin with sunscreen.

Reason #5: Salt air gives your hair gorgeous texture and movement.

Sea spray can give you effortless bouncy waves and curls. After your beach-created coif, make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment. To recapture this look when you’re back home, try these texturizing mists:

After Your Trip

Besides bouncy waves, there are other ways to bring that beach style and attitude home with you. Follow these tips to relax, restore, and make time for a happier, healthier you.

What are your hair essentials for the Summer?

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