Check out how to hydrate your curls and decrease frizz, fast!

If you are new the curly hair world, or if you're just tired of spending hours upon hours on those curls, you need an easier, faster and yet still effective way to hydrate your curls without spending a whole afternoon in your bathroom. No problem! Deep conditioning is a must for women with type 3 curls. It is recommended that you deep condition at least once a month, but ideally at once a week. Deep conditioning can take up a large chunk of time, though. Check out one YouTuber's lazy girl way to hydrate her curls, decrease frizz and look fabulous — in the quickest way possible!

Deep Conditioning for the Girl on the Go

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It's funny I've been doing this for awhile now just a little differently. When my hair feels overly dry instead of using a LI I use my DC as a LI. then I seal it with a little oil and apply my styling products. I only do my hair every 2-3 days so it gives me a little more time to get to a more intense DC. It doesn't work exactly the same but it does buy me some time.