Great healthy hair tips from girls with perfect curls!

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Want to be a girl with perfect curls? Follow our tips for hair success!

Perfect curls are not obtained by chance. It takes preparation, special care and healthy hair habits. Follow these 10 healthy hair tips and you too can have perfect curls.

1. Eat healthy

A girl with perfect curls is definitely conscious of what she eats. What you put into your body not only affects your body’s appearance, but your hair’s as well. It’s a simple habit, but one difficult to take on. Curly girls seldom grab fast food, and instead cook with salmon, carrots, walnuts, eggs, beans and green leafy vegetables. All these foods are rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, which improve hair strength, shine, and overall health.

2. Find a good product and stick with it

The perfect curly girl knows what product works best on her hair, season by season. Furthermore, she makes it a priority to always have her product in stock. Curls are like people: they are full of personality, and it takes time to know them. Take time to find your favorite products and then commit to them. If you stick to one product, you are more likely to perfect its application and get perfect curls. (Tip: Girls with perfect curls usually stick to natural hair products.)

3. Let conditioner sit in

When using your daily conditioner, don’t be in a rush to rinse it out. Girls with perfect girls have a habit of leaving conditioner in their hair for more than three minutes; this time will allow the conditioner to penetrate the outer hair strand, leaving your hair softer. Some curly girls leave their daily conditioner in for even longer!

4. Take vitamins

Curls need vitamins just as much as the body does. In fact, hair benefits from just about every vitamin in the book. Some vitamins are easier to get than others, such as vitamin C and D. These vitamins are largely fortified in foods, and are found in many vegetables and fruits. However, we largely overlook the intake of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. All of these vitamins are especially vital to healthy hair, and aid in maintaining a moisturized scalp. If you find it difficult incorporating all of these vitamins into your diet, try taking a daily vitamin supplement.

5. Don't forget to deep condition

A perfect curly girl never goes a week without deep conditioning. Ask any girl with perfect curls and she will tell you that deep conditioning is a fundamental ritual. It’s that time of the week when your hair is thirsty and needs some extra conditioning. Daily conditioners are important, but deep conditioners penetrate your hair’s many layers and give your roots the moisture they crave. Girls with perfect curls will probably insist that one of the most important healthy hair tips is deep conditioning to avoid dry, frizzy hair.

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Susonnah Gonzalez

Hi! I'm Susonnah Gonzalez. I write, work and live in Austin, TX. I began my wavy hair journey in college, which is when I really began to explore the needs of wavy hair and the products that work best with it. Every day is different with my hair but every day I learn something new!

What exactly are perfect curls? This article does not sit well with me like many other articles on this site.

Tip 11: A good haircut will overtime make a good difference in your curl pattern. Another thing I think is really important for us curlyheads is to figure out (via trial and error) the amounts of moisture and protein our curls need. When you don't know these amounts, it makes getting great curls almost unachievable and unpredictable. Learning your hair's needs takes time, research, and experimentation (give it a good year), but it makes a world of difference. Keep in mind your moisture/protein needs change between the warm and cool months.

Yes we are all different, keep in mind they did say these are tips. I have another one I read on a thread last night. The method is called "Scrunch & Pump". After you put your styling product in, grab sections of hair in the palm of your hand and scrunch into your fist, then pump eight times. I then scrunch larger sections with papertowel to soak up excess water and product to dry faster. Results-bouncie, clumps of curls. Love it.

I completely disagree with a lot of these. Every curly is unique, and I think that is reflected in the diversity of routines and opinions on CurlTalk. For example, many curlies purposefully rotate products, finding this gives them better curls. I personally find that natural products and deep treatments--each having lots of oils--weigh down my 3A/2C hair, which can be revived by an encounter with some good old chemicals like water soluble silicons and the PVA/PVP in my favorite gels. Vive la difference!

A good tip that relates to number six is blotting the hair dry with an old t-shirt.

Top tips right here. I used to towel-scrub my hair dry, an no product fixes that. Thanks!