Add these three hair oils to your regimen for fantastic results.

Are you an easy-going girl with a simple regimen? Or are you really high maintenance and your hair is no exception? Regardless of how much time you have or don’t have for your hair, hair oils are amazing additions to any healthy hair regimen. If you aren’t sure which oils work best or give the best results, I highly suggest you add these three to your arsenal.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is made up of a class of saturated fatty acids, which help in smoothing the scalp and keeping it soft. A moisturized scalp promotes hair growth because then there are no dead or dry skin cells to clog the hair follicle. Coconut oil can also help reduce hair breakage because the oil adds to the strength of hair shaft. This is a particular benefit if you have dry hair. When hair breakage is reduced, there is a good chance of the hair reaching longer lengths and growing healthily. Due to its benefits, coconut oil is used as one of the primary ingredients in many of hair care products.

Coconut oil is a staple in my hair regimen, because it treats my hair like a Princess, gives me amazing shine and smells like an exotic island. When shopping for coconut oil, be sure to get unrefined coconut oil with no additives or other ingredients. You can get large quantities of coconut oil at a low cost.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure Argan oil for hair does not come cheap, but its effects are nothing short of spectacular. Many problems such as dry hair, rough hair, dull hair and frizzy hair can be solved with the use of this wonder oil.

Extra virgin oil is rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is good for hair growth. Both mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E are good for moisturizing, protecting and nourishing hair. Olive oil makes hair grow stronger and its emollient properties prevent hair loss. If that’s not enough, olive oil helps in battling dandruff, which can be one of the reasons for hair loss. Olive oil doesn’t re-grow your hair, it just makes the existing hair stronger which leads to less breakage.

I’ve enjoyed using extra virgin olive oil in my pre-poo treatment and also for hot oil treatments. This oil coats the hair very well, and when coupled with conditioner, leaves my freshly washed hair feeling extremely soft. When used daily, I find that it leaves my hair feeling greasy.

Argan Oil

Pure Argan oil for hair does not come cheap, but its effects are nothing short of spectacular. Many problems such as dry hair, rough hair, dull hair and frizzy hair can be solved with the use of this wonder hair oil. It is rich in vitamin E and contains omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids that provide nutrition for hair. In addition to these, it also contains Linoleic and oleic acid that helps to hydrate and moisturize hair.

Argan oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair follicles. It is immediately absorbed by the hair and it restores the lost moisture. It increases shine of lackluster, dry hair by locking in the moisture. One of the greatest things about argan oil is that it is non-greasy, and won't weigh down hair or make it limp. It is ideal for taming rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Since it is light and almost weightless, there is less probability of build up. It restores the lost luster from too much hair straightening and other chemical treatments, helps keep the color vibrant and to prevent dryness in color treated hair, acts as a shield from harmful UV rays and protects the hair from environmental pollution.

Argan oil is very effective for hair growth, but it is very expensive. If you can get your hands on pure argan oil, go for it. It’s a great investment. I love rubbing argan oil on my hair before taking down my twists because it goes on smooth as silk and gives my hair amazing shine.

These are just three of the many oils that are great for you hair. You can use them solo or mix them for a luxurious oil blend.

Are ready to go on out and get some oil, or do you already have some in your cupboard? 

Jenell Stewart

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I used to use coconut SO MUCH. But argan oil is definitely better, it's not as heavy. I use one from a brand called pro naturals, I totally recommend them to anyone who wants to try argan oil on their hair. :)

@kennie92: Thanks :)

I use the One N Only Argan Oil from Sally's. I was reading this article expecting to find something new, but luckily for me, I already have all of these items in my hair care bucket lol. I prefer coconut oil the most, but mine is pure and it doesn't really have a smell. I know that some people buy their's from the stores like walmart or whole food's market, but I found mine online in a glass bottle. I find that it really moisturizes my hair and my scalp. I ended up putting it into a spray bottle so that I could easily just spray it on my hair. I love how it keeps my hair moisturized. In some of my conditioners I have mixed olive oil into it just so that it could be extra moisturizing, and when I massage those conditioners into my scalp, it feels moisturized and my hair feels soft even after I have rinsed out the conditioner.

What's the name of the argan oil you guys use?

@fmasuhr - Wow! You have some great oils. I've never even used Mac Nut, Apricot, Hemp, or Primrose oils. Where do you get them from??? @askvivi - Isn't it absolutely amazing?! How do you use Argan oil?

I actually prefer argan oil because it has more benefits and it's super light on my hair, not greasy. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil instead and my hair is shinier, healthier and stronger :)

my hair loves all, and i have a massive collection; im a bit of a sucker, when i read or see something new I research it till i dream about it then buy it. i got a massive collection, argan, coconut, mac nut, apricot, hemp, evening primrose, rosemary, peppermints, tea tree and vit E oil. I use all of these depending on how my hair feels and what i think it "needs". I also mix the oils and use it on different parts of my hair. mixing it help stretch the expensive ones as well, like argan and hemp. i also use argan and evening primrose and the Vit E on my skin, mostly on my face. massive oil fan!!!