We all want to care for our hair as best as possible. We buy all the right products, stick to a healthy regimen, and pay attention to our hair’s needs. But sometimes, we get accustomed to practices that harm our hair instead of nurturing it. If we do these things consistently, they turn into  habits which can lead to major damage to our curls in the long run. Here are five bad hair habits to break!

1. Hands in Hair Syndrome

Once we have mastered the art of keeping our hair moisturized and soft, we have the tendency to always want our hands to feel just how soft and moisturized our hair is. This causes a major problem. When touching your hair so often, your fingertips are removing your hair’s moisture. Also, although you may not be able to see it, your fingertips and under your nails carry dirt that is placed into your hair when you touch it.

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2. Frustrated Detangling

We all know to be gentle with our natural hair, but some days, being gentle with ANYTHING is the furthest from our mind. When you realize that you’re having a hard day or have just stepped away from a frustrating situation, take a moment to do something that will ease your stress. Read your favorite quote, call your grandmother, watch a little bit of TV, or call your best friend. If you’re in a rush, take at least 30 seconds to take a few deep breaths before you lay a hand on your hair. Your hair will thank you later.

3. Going to bed without protection

We all know that we should be sleeping with our satin bonnet on or on a satin pillow case. This doesn’t mean that we all do it. Once or twice after a long day or long night of partying won’t do you any harm, but once it becomes a habit, your hair is in a lot of trouble. Cotton pillows absorb moisture. Therefore, when you consistently go to bed without your satin bonnet or pillow case, you're losing tons of moisture you'd otherwise be retaining!

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4. Caring more about length than health

If you’re one of those people that absolutely loves long hair, it’s normal to feel like the most important goal for your hair is length. (Hint: if you clicked on this article, this might be you). If you think about it, healthy hair grows. For your hair to achieve length, your hair must primarily achieve health. Therefore, if you dedicate yourself to healthy hair, long hair will come without you even monitoring it.

5. Comparing your hair to others

We all have a hair crush. One thing you must remember when drooling over your hair crush is to admire their hair, not compare it to yours. Comparing your hair to others can make you discouraged about your hair and you may start to neglect it or over-manipulate it trying to achieve a particular look. Next thing you know, you’re not deep conditioning as often or have started slacking on daily moisturizing. Therefore, the number one rule of a hair crush is to NOT COMPARE!

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This article was written by Roneice Wright of Global Couture and published on CurlyNikki.