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Michael Cain, the Director of Education for Macadamia Natural Oil, got down and dirty about flat iron use and curly hair breakage.

Dear Michael:

When I flat iron my hair, I see a lot of short pieces of hair fall out. Where do they come from and how can I stop them from falling out?

Dear Falling from Flat Irons:

It sounds like you’re describing hair breakage. Hair breakage can be a problem, especially if you’re trying to grow your hair. Usually hair breakage is caused by not giving your hair enough love. The overuse of heat styling tools as well as the misuse of chemical services such as highlighting, coloring and straightening services can all lead to dry, damaged, fragile hair. Sometimes nutrition and diet can also affect the integrity of your hair.

The key to preventing hair breakage is to moisturize and protect your hair every time you style it. Using the Healing Oil Treatment will infuse moisture back into your hair, combating the drying effects of heat styling or chemical-processing. You should also limit heat styling your hair to no more than every other day. If you're worried about frizz, using the Healing Oil Treatment will also help tame any frizz your hair may have on days you skip heat styling.