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As we transition from summer into fall, it is very important that we take care of our hair with the same enthusiasm as we do about extending our fall wardrobe. Healthy, well kept hair is always in style, and the most important accessory that everyone should attain as the weather goes from hot to cold.

Why Treat Sun Damaged Hair?

There are so many different reasons why curly hair care is essential for sun damaged hair. Keep in mind that hair can get sun damaged year round. No matter what the temperature is outside, the sun will still be shining bright. A damaged hair treatment should always be part of your curly hair care regimen.

It’s important to treat sun damaged hair on a daily basis to keep your hair follicles and scalp healthy. Treating sun damaged hair will prevent breakage, uneven hair growth and improve the overall health of your beloved tresses.

It is no secret that if you have curly hair, your curly hair care regimen needs to have added moisture in it, at least in comparison to how much moisture those with straighter strands need. Curly hair tends to dry out much quicker and easier than other hair types, due to the shape of the strand. The sun only worsens this issue as it tends to act as a drying agent, and will strip your curly hair of necessary moisture.

Oil Recommendations

  • Argan oil: helps increase the suppleness and elasticity of the hair and provides emollience and softness
  • Jojoba oil: an ingredient which can add moisture and help lubricate the hair shaft. It is quite beneficial in assisting and maintaining curl formation.

Buy professional products

Using curly hair products with high quality ingredients will greatly assist in restoring your hair to its natural state. It may be a little bit more expensive, but it is a wise investment that will greatly pay off.

Moisture, again and again and again

Since the sun’s rays will strip your curly hair of necessary moisture, it’s important that you take time to replenish it. Using deep conditioning treatments, followed by six drops of oil (such as rosemary oil”> and letting sit for at least 20 minutes will help bring your hair back to a manageable, moisturized state.

Eat a balanced diet

Whether you believe it or not, the food that you eat on a daily basis plays a huge role in the overall health of your hair, as well as its resiliency and ability to bounce back after it has been damaged by the sun. Eating a well balanced diet, exercising on a regular basis, taking a daily multi-vitamin and living a stress-free lifestyle will all greatly aid in your curly hair care routine.

Try at home remedies

There are many different at home remedies that will help to rejuvenate your hair and bring it back to life after a long, hot summer! Try out a mayonnaise hair treatment, olive oil for split ends, egg yolk treatment, henna or coconut oil. Applying these products to your hair, separately, and letting sit for 15-20 minutes will surely help your hair literally bounce back.

Protect those strands

Being proactive about protecting your hair from the sun year round is very important. Just like we apply sunscreen to our skin, we need to protect our hair. By being conscious about prevention methods, you’ll will limit the amount of restoration that you must do in order to get your hair back to its usual healthy state. Wearing hats and scarves whenever you are out in the sun will greatly help you to shield your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s even important to wear a bathing cap whenever swimming; this will not only protect your hair from the sun, but from the chemicals in the pool as well.

Try retinol

Your skin just as sun damaged as your hair? Try using retinol products to heal it!

As summer comes to a close and we start to realize just how sun damaged our curly hair really is, us curlies have to take matters in to our own hands! Take preventive measures, always, in protecting your hair and skin from the sun. We know that hindsight is 20/20, so when your hair has been subject to too much sun, try some homemade hair treatments to keep your hair and follicles healthy.

Did you know hair could be sun damaged?

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This article was originally published in September 2011.

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