Last November I had my straight ends cut off and was a curly girl from scalp to shoulders. But to me, the real test of how much I loved my new hair was going to come in the summer. In other words, what would my curly hair be like in the humidity?

Sure, I liked my hair in the winter when the dry air made my curls bouncier, and in the spring when my curls got a little tighter as they blew in the April breeze. But summer has always been the worst season for my strands. In fact, this is one reason I loved my chemically straightened hair. It looked the same year round. In retrospect, however, and after perusing lots of old, straight-haired photos, I realize this wasn’t such a good look for me.

So I started this summer wondering if I’d really love my curly hair when the humidity got a hold of them. Would I have to make curly product concoctions in the bathroom to hold my hair down and keep it from growing that halo of frizz that taunted me in my former curly days?  Or would I spend the summer hiding my hair under a collection of hats and have a wrist full of ponytail holders?

With the last days of summer are behind me, I can honestly say that summer and curly hair do go together! Now that I know that frizz is just my hair screaming for moisture, I gave it what it wanted in these warmer months: more conditioner. I deep conditioned more often, about three times a week, and used a drop more gel. I also spritzed it with a product called Set it Free.

Not only did I like what the weather did to my curls, I loved it! My curls seemed thicker and shinier. And that halo of frizz? A mere distant memory!

Fall is the ideal season for curly hair with its crisp air and light breezes. Once November comes, I’ll be able to say that I’ve gone through all four seasons as a curly girl and, though my hair changes with each one, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So to slightly tweak the famous James Taylor song: winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is curl! Curl is all you need!

And moisture, of course!

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Final Thoughts

How did your curls fare this past summer and what curly girl regimen did you use?