heat protection for natural hair

Fall is approaching and some curlies are ready to fry, dye, and lay those curls to the side, but this should be approached with caution. I know you want to use that edge control to get that swoop game tight this season, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it! Some curlies are anti-straight but one thing is for sure, all curlies are pro “don't put me in a box” so let’s support one another’s choices. If you choose to take advantage of the cold weather for long-lasting straightened styles, then you should do so with the utmost care to protect your curls, coils, and waves. Here are the Top 15 Curly Hair Serums and a regimen that could help you prevent potential heat damage.

Not convinced?

Our writer and product chemist extraordinaire Sister Scientist recently used eggs to illustrate what happens to your hair when you use heat tools without protection. If this is not convincing, I do not know what is!

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Erica Douglas, better known as Sister Scientist, is a formulating cosmetic chemist who earned her degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. She has dedicated her career to developing quality and innovative cosmetic products, and has been the scientific mind behind brands such as ORS Olive Oil, Curls Unleashed, and HAIRepair. She is currently the Founder/CEO of mSEED group, a product development, manufacturing, and business consulting company that specializes in implementing brand innovation and growth strategies for new and emerging brands in the beauty space.