Can something so simple as a vaginal cream really make your hair grow?

In the natural hair community, monitoring hair growth is common. To this end, some naturals are very diligent in monitoring and keeping track of any amount of progress and are very interested in anything that might promote hair growth.

Miconazole Nitrate (better known as “Monistat” followed by a 1,3 or 7, indicating the number of days a woman should use it to treat a yeast infection) is said to stimulate hair growth quite rapidly. Can something so simple as a vaginal cream really make your hair grow? If it does, should you be putting this antifungal cream on your scalp?

Is This For Real?

Regardless of its intended use or the box it comes in, Monistat is merely a cream. It’s an antifungal cream, designed to combat the overgrowth of yeast in the vagina along with other things such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch. But again, it’s just a cream. There’s really no reason to be horrified at putting it on your scalp!

Why It Works

With so many women who swear by using Monistat for hair growth, you may wonder what's in that little tube that can help your hair grow. It may not be that there’s anything specific in the formula causing hair growth. Rather, it’s possible that the antifungal cream kills off fungus on your scalp — fungus that would otherwise stunt hair growth.

How It's Done

It’s possible that the antifungal cream kills off fungus on your scalp—fungus that would otherwise stunt hair growth.

We found one blogger who runs a blog specifically about using Monistat for hair growth (actually, that’s the title of her blog). On her blog, she posted a video showing two different methods of applying Monistat to your scalp.

For the first method, she suggests putting a small amount of Monistat in a little bowl and mixing in a few tablespoons of water. You can then put that mixture into a squeeze bottle with a pointed tip. Part your hair down the center and begin applying the solution to your scalp and massaging it in, working your way down to the bottom of your hairline (by your neck). Continue this process over your entire scalp, sectioning off hair as you go.

With the second method, you’ll just squeeze a small amount of Monistat straight from the tube and apply it directly to your scalp using your fingers.


Obviously, Monistat isn’t marketed as a hair growth cream. That’s not to say it doesn’t work to encourage hair growth, but it’s good to keep in mind the possible side effects. Some people have reported experiencing a tingling or burning scalp, an itchy scalp, a very tender scalp and ringing in the ears. However, this seems to happen when people apply it straight out of the tube to their scalp without diluting it.

If you are naturally prone to skin irritations (or have tried Monistat for its intended use and experienced burning and pain), definitely dilute the cream before trying to rub it into your scalp. You should also do a test area of your scalp where you apply it to just a small section and see how that goes. If doing so doesn’t cause any problems, you’d probably be okay to apply it to your whole scalp.

So curlies, would you try using Monistat for hair growth?

Tasha Swearingen

Well I'm on month two using and my hair it's growing fast and it feels very healthy I've made my own remedy that seems to be working...1 tablespoon on the monistat 7, 1 tablespoon of leave in conditioner, 1 tablespoon of Shea butter, 2 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel, 1 teaspoon of castor oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil and top off with 5 drops of peppermint oil. I haven't head any side effects I cowash and grease my scalp with my mix and have experienced a major change!

I agree with Charmed, this is not a quick fix to get your hair to magically grow faster. Instead what it is doing is clearing up your scalp and increasing blood flow that COULD encourage better growth. It can clear up any possible fungal bacteria that is clogging your scalp and brining better circulation of blood that helps your hair to grow. By no means will this help with any severe genetic problems. It does not hurt to try it. It does not harm you. Diet, Vitamins, and healthy hair techniques are all apart of good hair growth. This regimen can be an additional encouragement to help clear up your scalp for better hair growth. I wonder if it helps with any of the PH balance of hair.

Fascinating conversation. I've learned so much from you all. Initially I thought, absolutely not. Now I'm thinking, "hmmmm". One thought based on a comment: aren't some pharmaceuticals based on some herbs - natural products?

I agree with what @CocoT has to say. My first thought was that it probably helped hair growth because of it's anti-fungal properties. Also, why would anyone put this on their head if they can use one of the many very good anti-fungal organic oils. It doesn't bother me that it is a vaginal cream but if one is trying to go natural with their hair care (and diet etc.) there are other alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I try to stay away from pharmaceuticals as much as possible now that I am attempting to go natural in my lifestyle. I am recovering from a HUGE antidepressant induced hair loss (I lost about 2/3 of my hair density over about 8 months!) and am researching everything I put into my body now. Granted, pharmaceuticals are usually more fast acting and it is much easier to "take a pill" than to go through the hassle of using the natural approach but, pharms. usually have side effects that are not as often present with natural media. I know that my hair loss will be years in recovering from. I have beyond waist length hair and the ends are now so much thinner with the new growth thickening up my hair density nearer my head. I am going to cut off about 6 inches of the thinnest ends because it just looks so bad to me that I can't stand it anymore. But beyond that, I really don't think there is any "magic bullet" remedy that will make my hair grow faster. I just have to take care of what I have now and make sure to take care of the new growth also. One more thing I recommend if you are truly committed to going natural the whole way is to read and research and read some more. A really great book to start off with is "The Herb Book" by John Lust. This has been my herb bible since it was written in the 80's ---I've just ordered a new one as the old one finally fell apart. He provides a recipe for a beet drink that is FANTASTIC for your hair and skin if you can stand the taste of beets, lol! I hate beets but managed to hold my nose and drink it for a long time and my hair and skin were just beautiful while I was using it.

@CocoT - You are very correct about the naysayers! I liken it to the gung-ho YTers who insist on using ONLY 100% natural products for their hair but could truly stand to eat natural food & not McDonalds. I wasn't disgusted with the vaginal cream for the hair (not like The Man was disgusted when I gave it to him to use for Athlete's Foot, LOL) but I am disgusted by YTers & bloggers using anything & everything on their hair that is NOT needed & that truly do not enhance the hair as they claim. Then a site like this does a post as if to legitimize the claims. No no no! I wish more scientific R&D was done on MANY curly girl experiments and "claims". There is NO quick hair growth fix out there. It is based on genes, health & diet, perioed. The only thing I found was a study posted at link below. I dug around & found the study and it was for those suffering from alopecia areata and not someone who wants long hair & fast:

Another explanation as to why it works is because the active ingredient (miconazole nitrate...maybe just the nitrate component) increases blood flow to the scalp. Nitrates are "vasodialators", hence the increased blood flow. We all know that increased blood flow encourages hair growth. The headaches are a side effect of increased blood flow to the scalp. That's why it's encouraged to mix the cream with something else to combat the intensity. Not everyone will be affected the same way though. Some people can use it straight with no headaches or ringing of the ears. Other potential side effects include tender scalp and shedding after usage stops. I wish more scientific studies would be done on it. I don't understand the disgust towards it at all really. Yes, monistat is for the vagina, but even so that doesn't make it "dangerous" for the scalp. It's not anymore dangerous than half the other stuff people use for their hair, skin, nails, and home DAILY. Common household items, like pillows, household cleaner, and mattresses have small doses of toxic chemicals in them. But I guarantee that everyone that has access to a computer to read this post sleeps on a pillow and mattress every night. I bet it's not organic either. I also guarantee that over 90% of the naysayers have used relaxers or some other chemical on their scalp, probably didn't incur significant damage to their scalps (just wanted natural hair[like me!]). Yet they're grossed out by antifungal cream on the scalp.

I have been using it for a month. I am doing my own personal 2 month challenge and will post the results on yt at the beginning of June. (tabisadelta is my screen name) I dilute it w/ jbco and apply it to my scalp daily. I really believe that it is working, but we will see. It is just a cream, no big deal. The same thing is used to treat thrush in babies.

I have severe seborrheic dermitis and I have tried Nizoral, ketoconazole, among other things my dermatologist perscribed. None of them worked. I've also tried monistat and also a mixture of vinegar and water.I was never consistent with the applications, but for me, they showed more/better results than my perscription. I wouldn't reccommend trying it for hair growth, but if you have dermitis/dandruff it may very well help. Unfortunately, I wouldn't believe this chick. She couldn't take the time to look up how to spell theory on her video...foolishess! I would say do more research before going all in.

No ma'am!

SMDH, this is absolutely ridiculous. It is just hair, not that serious! A healthy diet & basic haircare will ensure beautiful hair & hair growth. Those obsessed with hair growth should use PROVEN methods (of which there are few) to grow hair. Swearingen, how about doing a concise posting talking about those proven methods? Or how about a post on the reason and effects of these types of hyped methods used by the YouTube/Blogger "hair experts" which is based on zero scientific R&D? Tsk, tsk....

People use Nizoral for hair growth. It't the same thing really. Not that new. Just now that people are saying "vaginal cream" it makes it sound bad. Personally I dont think I like the other ingredients in many of those cream and would not like scalp build up cream tend to have. (I prefer just using light natural oils on my scalp). But in theory, I can see why the product work and if I had a hair loss issue I would consider it.

@ suayres yes, the drug can be absorbed through your scalp into your bloodstream, but of course this is a VAGINAL cream...which means putting this cream into your vagina would also have it absorb into your bloodstream, and more easily since the intended use is on a mucous membrane. i would try this method, and i'm a physician...

No, I very definitely would not. I'm a retired pharmacy technician, and I'm very leery of using drugs (and Monistat is very much a drug) for anything other than what they're intended for. The drug will be absorbed into your bloodstream through your scalp. And anti-fungals can be toxic to the liver. And there's no dialysis for a damaged liver. Talk to your doctor and your pharmacist before trying this!

I'm using it now! A friend told me about it the other day. It's hard to get it on my scalp though as I can't reach my scalp without touching my hair, where it mostly ends up. I hope it works; off to read that blog now!

I don't hang ups about a products name or its intial intended use so I will try this! The article nor the blog say how often people have been applying the creme however. Any ideas on that?

I would use it. Fungus under the scalp can cause serious damage and permanent hair loss! I would probably go to different stores to purchase it before they think I have a REAL problem! LOL

No I would not use this. I understand that products can be used for things other than what they are intended for but this is a little weird to me.