Nighttime Curly Hair Care Routines You Can't Live Without

2011-12-01 12:23:46

Nighttime Curly Hair Care Routines You Can't Live Without

Avoid fussing with your hair in the morning with a good nighttime routine.

To Preserve Straight Styles

For our straight haired naturals, or women who just love to change it up, it's imperative that you maintain a strict curly hair care routine at night in order to get days and even weeks out of your flat iron job.

Press and Curl Maintenance

  1. Grab each curl, and going in the same direction that it was formed, loosely begin to wrap it around your finger. When you have reached your scalp, grab a bobby pin and pin the wrapped curl to your scalp. Continue to do this until all your hair is done.
  2. The following morning remove the pins and style your curls as desired.

Straight Hair Maintenance

  1. Grab a wide-toothed comb and boar bristle brush (the boar bristles are less damaging to your hair). Part your hair from the centre of your forehead going back till the centre of your head.
  2. Using your wide-toothed comb, begin to wrap your hair starting from the part going in either direction. Use the brush to smooth your hair down as you go along and continue to brush and or comb until your hair lies smoothly against your head.
  3. Once done with wrapping, put on your satin scarf. Do not forget to wrap even the small hairs at the hairline to prevent them from reverting.

Tips: To really prevent reversion while you shower, opt for a shopping bag instead. Small shower caps simply don’t do a good enough job of keeping the humidity of the shower out and aren’t big enough to cover your entire hairline in the front and back. So grab a plastic shopping bag and tie it on your head. Then pull the front and back down to ensure that every last hair is tucked away.

Want More?

Woke up with the frizzies? Not to worry! We've got quick & easy second day hairstyles that will put the frizz to rest and have you looking your best!

Final Thoughts

Above all else, remember to cover your hair at night. The cotton fibers can leach the moisture out and create friction causing frizz. Also, wrapping your hair can help to keep it in position, especially for updos. For those of you who want to reserve the right to maintain your sexiest even while you get your REM, then opt for a satin pillowcase instead.

So until next time: love, peace, and curly haired bliss!


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