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Dear Ouidad:

I love my Ouidad hair cut! I bought several of your products and they are wonderful. However, I used the 12 Minute Deep Treatment, following
 the directions exactly as printed on the bottle, and watched your video too. I did not use an entire bottle as I have short hair, just below my ears. My hair is not super curly, but forms loose curls. My hair was healthy and not excessively dry. After using this treatment my curls were terrible, not forming at all — just a stringy mess for nearly a week. Was this product too heavy for my hair, and should I not use it again?

I used it about three days prior to coloring and adding a few highlights as I thought it would be a good preparation before hair coloring. (Joico is the brand the salon uses). I am afraid to use the 12 Minute Treatment again. Did I do something wrong?

Dear Wander-Lost Waves:

Deep Treatment was created to work for curl types. I use it on clients with very fine hair, and the combination of restructuring and conditioning proteins can give amazing results, adding bounce and shine. For very few of my clients, I have found that the Deep Treatment can cause this reaction the first time they use it. If you try it again, it should work wonders with restoring your curl condition. On a regular basis, you can also try a lightweight conditioner for classic curls like my Balancing Rinse. This will leave hair silky and soft without ever weighing it down. To keep your hair protected and moisturized, leave a little bit of conditioner on the ends of your hair.